17 Easy One Dish Shrimp Recipes

Shrimp is a great option for dinner because it’s quick to cook, and these one-dish recipes make it even easier because they also offer a quick cleanup. These simple shrimp dinners will become favorite recipes when you’re entertaining or just need a quick weeknight dinner to feed your family. Whether you want to cook your shrimp in a crock pot, in a cast iron skillet in a dutch oven, or even on a sheet pan, there’s sure to be a one-dish shrimp recipe on this list to suit your cooking preferences.

Read on for our best one-dish shrimp recipes that you’re sure to make again and again once you see how flavorful they are. Also, having minimal dishes to wash after dinner is over is an added bonus.

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One of our editors declared that this fried rice recipe is even better than takeout and will be on the table in just 25 minutes, which is faster.

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Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes when you rely on this one pan meal. Instead of in water, Orzo is cooked in vegetable stock along with shallots, white wine, butter and oil.

Although this dinner will feel sublime when you serve it, it’s actually easy to put together.

Cooking each component of Jambalaya in one dish allows the drippings from cooking the meat to add extra flavor to the finished product.

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No boiling water is needed for this one-pan version of the shrimp boil, which still delivers just as much, if not more, flavor than the original.

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Cooking Jambalaya in the Instant Pot uses the extra steam to cook the shrimp perfectly.

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Be sure to offer plenty of bread and hot sauce along with your Étouffée when you serve it.

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We’ve packed a lot of Cajun flavor into one pot with this recipe.

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You’re just one pan and 25 minutes from serving this shrimp dinner.

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We use convenient pre-peeled shrimp and store-bought pesto to help this one-pot dinner come together easily in just 25 minutes.

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Since both the shrimp and the couscous are quick to cook, this dish only takes 30 minutes to prepare.

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Adding the ingredients in stages as indicated in the recipe will ensure that each component is cooked perfectly.

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When choosing shrimp for this recipe, make sure you use medium-sized shrimp so they are not undercooked.

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If you thought jambalaya could only be made in a crock pot, think again. This pan version comes together in just 35 minutes.

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Feel free to use fresh okra if it’s in season and you have it on hand, but frozen is what we call for.

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Cooking in stages allows this dish to come together in one pot.

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Our test kitchen thinks canned tomatoes add a nice hint of acidity to this gumbo recipe.

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