2023 Live Entertainment Guide Disneyland After Dark: Night of Lovers

Disneyland After Dark: Sweethearts’ Nite is back, and in 2023 there are more nights of this hard-to-ticket event than ever before! They are already sold out. If you don’t have a ticket, watch Daps Magic’s reports and videos and other sources to see what a beautiful night it is at Disneyland. Actually, could they call it Bella Notte? There are several different live entertainment offerings to enjoy during this beautiful evening. The park also has a wide range of entertainment styles. The Daps Magic team has gone out of their way to try each one out, making sure they know where they are and when they’re playing, so future Disneyland After Dark: Sweethearts’ Nite attendees can make plans and get the most out of the event.

Disneyland After Dark: Sweethearts’ Nite offers live entertainment

The Royal Ball with Aristocats of Yessingham

The Royal Ball with the Aristocats of Yessingham (the band aka Phat Cat Swinger) is the event’s biggest entertainment offering. The ball is located along the the world is small Mall, where the stage is set, where the steps to the world is small Mickey and friends usually meet and greet during the day. The dancing takes place on the street/mall in front of the stage and there are lots of them.

The evening performances are filled with a wide range of Disney music in a small big band style that is romantic and perfect for dancing. The ball is hosted by Prince Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. They are joined by their royal entourage along with some other royal couples. This includes Cinderella and Prince Charming, Ariel and Prince Eric, as well as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. Jafar also makes a surprise visit throughout the night, as do Cinderella’s stepsisters. They all danced with each other and also with the guests throughout the night making for some absolutely magical moments!

There are four times throughout the night for the Royal Ball with the Aristocats of Yessingham. They are on:

  • 9:00 p.m
  • 10:00 in the evening
  • 11:15 p.m
  • 00:15 in the morning

Little Scotty’s String Orchestra

At Critter Country, country/bluegrass sounds can be heard with Little Scotty’s String Orchestra. This group is a four-piece home folk group that plays quite unconventional folk songs. This includes Kiss the girl from Little Mermaid and Whitney Houston I want to dance with someone. They are an absolute blast to listen to and a really nice bunch of guys to boot! Little Scotty’s String Band can be found in the Hungry Bear Restaurant by going up the ramp to where the order is usually placed and then turning right! They are on the deck in front of the food ordering and receiving area. This group is probably the hardest to find, but definitely worth checking out!

Little Scotty’s String Band plays at:

  • 9:00 p.m
  • 10:00 in the evening
  • 11:00 p.m
  • 00:15 in the morning

Polynesian Trio

The Polynesian Trio played throughout the night in Adventureland and offered yet another way to experience the magic of the evening’s romance. This band performed songs that helped transport the imagination to a tropical hideaway…appropriately enough, they performed right outside the Tropical Hideway by the exit of The World Famous Jungle Cruise. This band had rich vocal and instrumental harmonies while playing the island tunes. As they performed into the night, it was very easy to get lost in the music and imagine yourself sitting on a tropical beach with the waves lapping up with a fancy drink with an umbrella in it. They were very easy to find, but remember there New Orleans Square entrance/exit to Adventureland is not open at this time.

The Polynesian Trio performs on:

  • 9:00 p.m
  • 10:15 p.m
  • 11:15 p.m
  • 12:15 p.m

Jazz Moonlight Cruise

Perhaps the most romantic live music offering of all, the Moonlight Jazz Cruise takes guests aboard Mark Twain with the beautiful voice of Mel Collins. This is as beautiful as it gets. The classic tunes he sings as he cruises the rivers of America create the perfect moment with that special someone. Mel Collins and her jazz band perform many classics and favorites throughout the night on Mark Twain’s nose.

While there’s no set time, it’s fairly easy to tell when they’re performing. Just go to the Mark Twain and see if there’s a jazz band with Mel Collins up front. Then climb aboard and go on a very magical and musical cruise. While it’s nice to be on the first level of the Mark Twain to see the ensemble the easiest, each level offers wonderful views, music, and a magical experience.

The live entertainment at Disneyland After Dark: Sweethearts’ Nite is truly one of the best offerings for this special event. The music that plays in the park is varied, beautiful and adds to the magic of the night. Whether it’s a Royal Ball, a tropical escape, some down-home country folk or some classic jazz greats, there are fantastic acts to experience.

Which live entertainment performance is your favorite at Disneyland After Dark: Sweethearts’ Nite? Will you be going to one of these events this year? What are you most looking forward to experiencing? Share your thoughts, experiences, tips and opinions in the comments below!

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