2024-01-09 | Press Release | GNC is increasing its stellar fitness performance offerings with new Vitapak sports programs

Designed to help consumers achieve their performance goals, science-backed Vitapak programs support optimal fitness and sports nutrition for every stage of an active lifestyle

PITTSBURGH, January 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GNC’s PRO Performance and Beyond Raw are expanding their portfolios to include two new Vitapak programs to support entry-level, active and advanced fitness performance to help consumers at every stage reach their goals. Fueled by GNC’s stellar roster of sports nutrition experts and science-backed ingredients, Vitapak programs are a curated assortment of the best supplements for consumers’ fitness goals. Home to a superior assortment of the best proteins, pre-workout supplements and supplements, GNC continues its legacy as the go-to store for everything consumers need to start their fitness journey – or keep their goals fresh with the most the new formulas and the best flavors.

Designed for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike, PRO Performance® Active Fitness Vitapak is a daily vitamin pack that supports a healthy and active lifestyle, focusing on core health and immunity, endurance and electrolytes, as well as brain, heart support and joints. The 30-day supply offers a complete daily package including multivitamins, fish oil omega-3s, and endurance complex.

BEYOND RAW® Vital Elements Vitapak® has been developed for the most dedicated athletes in the gym who want to reach new levels of physical fitness. As the most precisely engineered nutritional regimen, Vital Elements Vitapak features five key supplements, including a BEYOND RAW multivitamin, a strength complex, a joint mobility blend, a gut health formula, and a liver and cell function capsule.

“Through our extensive research and market testing, we know that many athletes are not meeting their nutritional needs through food alone, which can hinder optimal fitness and performance. “Athletes tend to have increased nutritional needs due to the demand their training places on their bodies,” said Rachel Jones, MS RDN and Senior Vice President, Chief Product Innovation and Science Officer at GNC. “With the GNC PRO Performance Active Fitness and BEYOND RAW Vital Elements Vitapak programs, we’re taking the guesswork out of building a solid nutritional foundation, plus giving athletes and fitness enthusiasts science-backed ingredients to help them get the most out of their training.”

In developing these Vitapak Sports Performance programs, GNC reviewed the research on compelling, innovative and clinically studied ingredients that provide benefits in all areas of sports and holistic health – energy production, recovery, muscle mass, energy metabolism, gut health and etc. Starting a new fitness routine or reaching the next level of athletic performance can be difficult for clients to navigate. They can experience a myriad of symptoms related to soreness, fatigue, low energy, which can also compromise immunity. GNC’s Vitapak programs are guaranteed to provide full-body support for men, women, newbies and seasoned professionals.

Providing Vitapak programs for 25 years, GNC continues to be a leader in easy, affordable and customized supplements to meet customer needs. GNC now offers more than 25 Vitapak programs.

To learn more about GNC, please visit www.gnc.com.

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