4 Strong Market Trend Predictions for 2024

Overall, we expect 2024 to be a year characterized by strong market trends in various directions. We predict 4 strong market trends, the ones that really stand out. We believe investors will need to be disciplined in their exit decisions in 2024, considering re-entry later and lower in some of the markets we expect to move strongly. This current article marks the official start of our predictions for 2024.

We present 4 markets that we believe will register the strongest movements in 2024.

Silver in 2024 – a big up move followed by a pullback

Silver’s long-term chart makes it clear – the ascending triangle is close to resolution, the upside potential is huge, we see a move to $34.7/oz, which could be extended to the $44/oz area. This is because silver is such a volatile asset that when it starts to trend, it tends to exaggerate its moves.

We believe that silver investors will have an epic opportunity to take profits in the first half of 2024 and retain their profits to re-enter silver and related investments after silver retreats from our bullish targets (or 34, 7 USD/oz, or 44-ish USD/oz) as it settles to around 28 USD/oz later in 2024.

S&P 500 in 2024: Test of all-time highs followed by sharp pullback

We believe the S&P 500 will test its previous ATH. Interestingly, it will match the multi-decade trend seen in the chart below. The red uptrend line should be tested as resistance before April 2024.

Prerequisite: Our bullish stock market forecast for November 2023 should materialize, which will happen if the S&P 500 takes the gray shaded area on the chart below as strong support.

We expect a sharp pullback after testing the ATH.

We expect a local top to be printed in April or May 2024.

Graphite in 2024: very bullish trend awaiting validation

We’ve covered an epic shift in the graphite market in this premium service update Graphite is now more critical than ever:

In the graphite market, possibly a niche market, we witnessed another disruptive development. We quote the site Aheadoftheherd.com.

On Friday, October 20, Beijing said it would require export permits for some graphite products “to protect national security.” China is the largest producer and exporter of graphite and processes nearly all of the world’s graphite into the material that is used in nearly all anodes in electric vehicle batteries. Under the new graphite restrictions, which take effect on December 1, exporters must apply for permits to transport two types of graphite: synthetic graphite and natural flake graphite and its products.

A shortage is expected to begin by 2025 as new graphite mines fail to keep up with growing demand from automakers.

That’s why the Department of Energy, in its assessment, ranks graphite near the top of its list of minerals critical to America’s energy future. The US federal government’s critical minerals list also includes graphite as one of five key battery minerals at risk of supply disruption.

Graphite stocks sold off in 2023, falling to unexpected and unforeseen levels. This also made sense as demand for graphite continues to grow, driven by explosive demand from the automotive sector (especially EV batteries).

China was suppressing graphite prices, it is clear now in retrospect. What happens when the suppressor is out of the way? Prices are normalizing again.

We believe that graphite stocks will perform very well this decade, which is why this sector qualifies as one of the 4 Mega Trending Sectors of the Decade.

In our premium update, we reviewed stock charts from our graphite selection. While there is one clear winner among the current setups, there are several contenders with huge upside potential provided the graphite market heats up in 2024, a prediction that has not been confirmed at the time of writing.

Crypto in 2024: A Few Multi-Baggers, Not Many of Them

We expect some altcoins to do unusually well in 2024. However, remember that the crypto market is fragmented.

Case in point – in September we wrote this article in the public post leaving the symbol on this token. Is this AI token ready to rally?

The graphic below is from this article.

This is what happened to the token in the meantime – it has almost doubled since we launched it (up 80%).

While market sentiment is very bearish, our top altcoin tip nearly doubled in October.

Speaking of accurate readings and token selection. This is what we have to offer our premium crypto members.

By the way, among our top token tips included in our premium crypto research service is this token. While it may not seem like an exciting setup, we’re officially calling this the 10-bag for the next 18 months.

We cover all these markets in our premium services Momentum Investing (stock indices and sectors) and Crypto Investing, the topics outlined in this article will be the red line in 2024.

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