5 Best Baggage Trackers in 2023 for Travel: Apple AirTag, Tile, and More

Amid cancellations, delays, staff shortages and eyebrow-raising reports of lost luggage, no one is looking at the airline industry with rose-tinted glasses.

The holiday travel season has left thousands of Canadians stranded at home and abroad, with Sunwing Airlines receiving 7,000 complaints from disgruntled customers alone.

The turbulent travel season has been so bad that MPs have called on officials from the major airlines and Via Rail, as well as Transport Minister Omar Algabra, to testify at an inquiry into travel chaos for the period December 2022 to January 2023.

Although airline passengers have little control over flight cancellations and delays, many are turning to electronic baggage tracking devices to keep track of their belongings.

How do baggage trackers work?

A luggage tracker is a small device that goes in your suitcase and communicates its location using GPS, Bluetooth, wifi, or cellular data.

Most trackers are battery powered, so you’ll want to make sure their charge can last the length of your trip or you plan to recharge at your destination.

Some trackers are designed for specific operating systems, such as the Apple AirTag and Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, while others work well with all smartphones and only require a companion app or subscription.

While a tracker can’t guarantee a hassle-free trip, it can offer peace of mind if you’re traveling with priceless or expensive items.

Travelers are turning to electronic trackers to (hopefully) avoid lost luggage (Image via Getty)

The Best Baggage Trackers in 2023

Each baggage tracking device or tag has its pros and cons. In addition to monthly subscriptions, some trackers need to be scanned to be found, which may not be helpful if it’s in your suitcase hidden under a mountain of luggage. Also, many trackers have limited Bluetooth range, which is an obvious drawback if your luggage is out of range.

However, there are a handful of trackers that reviewers swear by. To shop the best luggage trackers and tags available in 2023, scroll below.

Tile Pro in white and black (photo via Amazon)

Tile Pro (photo via Amazon)

Average rating: 4.3 stars

Reviews: 3400

This powerful tracking tool helps locate missing objects both near and far. When the tile is in Bluetooth range, the app will ring your tile to help you find it. When it’s out of range, you can see its last location on a map in the app. The Tile app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

The device is waterproof, has a Bluetooth range of up to 400ft/120m and can be used to locate your phone even when it’s on silent.

$80 at Amazon

Apple AirTag (photo via Apple)

Apple AirTag (photo via Apple)

Average rating: 4.8 stars

Reviews: 8600

If you’re familiar with any device for tracking suitcases or items, it’s probably the Apple AirTag. AirTag works through Apple’s Find My app, available on compatible iOS devices. If the AirTag is nearby, the pinpoint find feature will take you straight to your missing item, and when it’s out of range, the AirTag will ping nearby Apple devices to find its location.

The AirTag is splash, water and dust resistant for durability and comes with a standard battery that can last over a year. When the battery is exhausted, it can be replaced. Buyers can choose between a single AirTag for $39 or a four-pack for $129. At Best Buy Canada, both the single and four packs have more than 8,500 reviews.

$39 at Apple

$129 at Apple

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag in Black (Image via Amazon)

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag (photo via Amazon)

Average rating: 4.3 stars

Reviews: 2800

The Galaxy SmartTag, Samsung’s answer to the AirTag, connects to Galaxy smartphones using the SmartThings app. If your item is nearby, you can ping the SmartTag in the app and follow a tune of your choice. If your tag is out of range, Galaxy Find Network can use scanned data to find it.

$27 $32 on Amazon

Tracki 2023 Mini GPS Tracker to Smartphone with App (photo via Amazon)

Tracki 2023 Mini GPS Tracker (photo via Amazon)

Average rating: 4.2 stars

Reviews: 34,000

An excellent choice for international or long distance travel, the Tracki Mini GPS Tracker has an unlimited distance range thanks to 4G LTE technology. The tracker has a built-in international SIM card and requires a monthly membership.

Its rechargeable battery can last up to five days and tracks your belongings in real time every 1-5 minutes. If real-time tracking is not required, the battery can last between 30-75 days by tracking your items 1-3 times a day. The device requires the companion Tracki app and is compatible with Android, iOS and internet browsers for a monthly fee.

$29 at Amazon

LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker in black circle with purple phone app (photo via Amazon)

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker (photo via Amazon)

Average rating: 3.8 stars

Reviews: 17,500

LandAirSea’s GPS tracker offers worldwide coverage and long battery life. If the device is in low power mode, the battery can last up to six months, and if you want frequent updates, a charge will last a week or two. The tracker uses 4G LTE technology to track your belongings and can track luggage in real time with Google Maps and the SilverCloud app.

$41 at Amazon

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