7 Best Movies Like Get Out to Stream on Netflix, Prime Video, and More

Jordan Peele changed the horror landscape with his 2017 film Get Out. Not only is the film up there with slow-paced psychological horror greats like The Shining and Rosemary’s Baby, but the film tackles the subject of passive racism with the likes of Daniel Kaluuya (Chris Washington), Marcus Henderson (Walter) and LaKieth Stanfield (Andre Logan King) give incredibly strong performances. Meanwhile, Lil Rel Howery provides iconic comedic relief (and some heavy-handed reality checks).

Over the last decade, the horror genre has made significant strides to move away from the problematic tropes of killing off black characters first and amplifying caricatures devoid of development and depth. Peele helped prove that audiences were desperate for this change, and that we’d be shown (and consumed) the black-led horror we’re starting to see more of.

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