7 Black Cooking Shows to Watch for Thanksgiving

Ms. Linda Green, “Street Food: USA.” Courtesy of Netflix

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, some of us need that push to get into the kitchen and prepare a meal for our family and loved ones. As black people, our cuisine is both unique and delicious, and sometimes it’s hard to find culinary experts who look (and cook) like us on TV. With platforms like Netflix and CLEOtv highlighting chefs of color, the holidays are sure to be filled with great content and delicious meal ideas.

The Food Network has long been a staple in cooking culture. For Turkey Day 2022, you can see African American chefs like Eddie Jackson and Cardea Brown as they showcase some of the best in food and bring great recipes to a global audience. Programs like High on the pig and Street food provide insight into how our favorite dishes are made, as well as the beautiful stories behind them.

Whether you’re still looking for Thanksgiving recipes or just want to get into the holiday spirit, check out these black cooking shows below.

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