7 Quiet Mark certified kitchen appliances that won’t get in the way of your holiday cooking

Christmas really is the perfect time to get together and enjoy the company of those we value most. It’s time for laughter, festive music and the smell of delicious home-cooked meals. As well as being the heart of the home, the kitchen is also where the magic really happens at Christmas! That means it shouldn’t be stressful or loud, and it definitely shouldn’t take you away from the party.

Quiet Mark’s 2023 National Noise Report highlights the growing demand for quiet, with 84% of Brits saying it’s important to have quiet time to recharge. Another 82% say how loud an appliance is when buying one for their home. In light of this, we spoke to Quiet Mark, an international certification program that tests hundreds of devices each year.

This Christmas, the team have selected a range of kitchen appliances that won’t interrupt those catch-up conversations while you prepare the Christmas meal. We’ve already shared with you the list of quietly approved fans and air purifiers, but these kitchen appliances are guaranteed to be the perfect addition to your stress-free holiday cooking. Because they’re Quiet Mark certified, you can be sure they’re among the quietest on the market right now.

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