8 Cars You’ll Have to Wait for – Even Beyond 2024


Looking for a new car? Well, if you’re interested in one of these models, you could be waiting months or even years.

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The next few years will see a big transition to electric vehicles in every segment, but gas is still not off the table for some automakers. Whether you’re looking for gasoline, hybrid, or all-electric, here’s a list of cars, SUVs, and trucks expected to hit the market in 2024 and beyond.

2024 Cadillac Celestiq

Cadillac’s all-new Cadillac Celestiq is an all-electric luxury car and the most expensive model the brand has ever built, according to Car and Driver. The four-seat hatchback is hand-built and custom-built, with an estimated 600 horsepower and an estimated range of 300 miles.

In a social media post, Cadillac CMO Melissa Grady Diaz announced that customers are now invited to begin their vehicle customization journey and that the blank canvas will start at approximately $340,000 MSRP, GM Authority reported.

2024 Rampage

The Ram Rampage is a smaller version of the brand’s full-size Ram 1500. Car and Driver noted that the model is currently only confirmed for non-US markets, but we may soon see the Rampage available to us here.

The Rampage includes features typically found on full-size trucks, such as a power tailgate, but will likely use unibody construction like other compact vehicles. Car and Driver estimates a starting price of $34,000, going up to $46,000 depending on trim and options.

2025 BMW M5

The BMW M5 sedan is coming in 2025 with an improved powertrain. The M5 will also be available as a plug-in hybrid with an estimated 738 horsepower and standard four-wheel drive, according to Car and Driver. There is some speculation that it will be offered as a wagon in North America.

The M5 has an expected release date of July 2024, with a starting price of around $120,000 and going up to $140,000.

2025 Dodge Charger EV

The next-generation Dodge Chargee, which will replace the Challenger, is mostly electric with some gas-powered options. While the exact details are still under wraps, an unconfirmed report claims the Charger EV will offer more horsepower than the Hellcat V8, Autoblog reported.

Car and Driver says the new Charger is expected to be more expensive than the outgoing gas-powered models, but the starting price of $50,000 and going up to $90,000 are just estimates.

2026 Honda Prelude

Honda’s Prelude hybrid sports coupe was unveiled in concept form at the 2023 Toyko auto show. Car and Driver notes that the Prelude appears to be based on the Civic and is rumored to feature a hybrid powertrain. However, Honda says it won’t be a stiff, high-performance car like the Civic Type R.

The Prelude has an estimated starting price of $31,000, up to $38,000.

2026 Rivian R2S

The smaller and more affordable Rivian R2S follows the R1T truck and R1S SUV and is expected to debut as the R2S compact SUV. Car and Driver said not much is known about the specs, but they expect the R2 to improve road performance while keeping costs low.

Estimated prices range from $40,000 to $60,000, and Rivian said we’ll see an early 2024 release, with sales slated for 2026.

2027 Scout SUV and pickup truck

The Scout dates back to the 1970s as a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. The Scout will focus on two electric models, an SUV and a pickup, that will rival Rivian’s R1s and R1T, reports Car and Driver. The models will feature a body platform with a rugged, boxy style when they debut in 2026.

VW has not yet announced a starting MSRP, but industry insiders expect prices between $40,000 and $60,000, according to Lithia.

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2028 Subaru WRX STI EV

The WRX STI EV is Subary’s electrified version of its most powerful car, the WRX STI. Car and Driver said not much is known about the vehicle, but it should be a compact all-wheel drive vehicle with a rally-inspired mission.

Pricing is expected to start around $50,000.

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