8 Nigerian Celebrities React to New Naira Designs

The new designs have sparked conversations on social media platforms and the consensus is that people hate them. The negative reception of these notes is not only related to the fact that the designs look lazy, but also to the color tones.

The naira, which was introduced on January 1, 1973 to replace the British pound as Nigeria’s official currency, has gone through 19 different sets of changes, but this one seems to be the one with the biggest reaction from netizens, and celebrities aren’t ignoring a conversation.

Here’s a list of some celebrities who have shared their thoughts on the new design:

Comedian Basketmouth took to his Instagram page to share retouched photos of his face that purport to mock the newly designed naira notes.

Captioning the photos, he wrote: “The only constant thing in life is… CHANGE

Public figure Daddy Freeze also shared a post and sarcastically congratulated Nigerians for the “sleepless nights” it took Snapchat to create the new notes.

Captioning his post, he wrote: “Congrats on the new Naira, it must have taken a lot of sleepless nights on Snapchat to create such perfection…”

Singer Johnny Drill took to his Twitter page and was very direct with his feelings about the new note, branding it very ugly.

Quoting it verbatim, he said: “These new bills are uglier.”

Tolu Oniru-Demuren [Toolz]

Media personality Toolz also shared his thoughts on the new designs. According to her, the designs resemble what happens when a person forgets to take money out of their pocket before washing their jeans.

She captioned the post, “I’m confused…this isn’t real, is it? Because isn’t that what happens when you accidentally leave money in your jeans and wash them?”

Sharing her two cents, the OAP opined that CBN must have signed a deal with Snapchat to feature such horrific designs.

“CBN may have signed a deal with Snapchat to use filters for the new money. Who always advises these people?’

Like many others, the famous music video director expressed his thoughts on the source of inspiration for the new designs, claiming that it must have come from Kizz Daniel’s ‘Buga’ video.

“Na BUGA video inspires these new Naira notes. Nothing anyone wants to tell me,’ he wrote.

The artist shared his thoughts on the designs, using a play on words, wondering why he wasn’t called out if color was an issue (Crayon – color, get it?).

In his words “No tie and die they take make these new naira notes why don’t they call me! If there’s no color, that’s their problem.”

Comedian Elenu was brief with her comment, saying: “Just say our naira uses whitening cream.”

The reaction to the initial photos is understandable, but more recent images of the new designs that have surfaced online suggest that the designs may not be as bad as everyone thought.

Until the notes get a proper circulation, they may have to endure the criticism against them and hope that acceptance will improve when people see them in person.

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