8 Wednesday Season 2 Lessons You Can Learn From The Addams Family Movies & TV Show


  • Wednesday Season 2 needs to bring new elements to the Addams Family franchise to avoid being as forgettable as previous adaptations.
  • Wednesday Season 2 should pay homage to the original comics and appeal to the nostalgic side of fans, as evidenced by the success of the 2019 animated film.
  • Wednesday’s Season 2 should devote more time to other traditional characters and lean into the Addams family relationship, which is a key aspect of the entire franchise.

on Netflix Wednesday got off to a great start with Season 1, but if the series hopes to remain successful, it will need to learn some lessons from the past Adams Family film and television adaptations. The franchise began in 1938 with Charles Adams Adams Family single panel comics in The New Yorker and has since grown with sitcoms, live-action films and cartoons, and now the dark teenage drama following the titular Wednesday Addams. Each of these adaptations had varying degrees of success with audiences, and after years of feedback, Wednesday can learn dos and don’ts from their examples.

It certainly seems that way Wednesday already looked at his Adams Family predecessors to see what worked and what didn’t. The Netflix series took a fresh look at the stories typically told in past adaptations, focusing primarily on one character in a new setting rather than the entire family in their mansion. In interviews, star Jenna Ortega teased this Wednesday season 2 will have a lot more horror and less romance, which is a promising sign Wednesday will continue to forge its own path. However, as proven by the past Adams Family movements and TV shows, there are other ways it can fail or succeed.


Wednesday’s Season 1 Ending Explained (Detailed)

In Wednesday’s season 1 finale, the main character confronts Jericho’s monster, identifies the real killer and sets up a new villain for season 2.

8 Wednesday’s Season 2 should bring fresh elements to the Addams family franchise

The most successful adaptations of The Addams Family bring something new to the table.


This is an area that Wednesday seems to have already been covered, but with season 2 teased to be at least partially set in the Addams family estate, the series is at some risk of being dropped here. Some of the least effective adaptations of Adams Familylike 1998 The New Addams Family television series or the 1970s animated series failed to bring anything new to the table, which makes them unforgettable. On the other hand, Adams Family the ’90s films introduced new characters, gave Wednesday and Pugsley more prominent roles, and introduced new storylines, all of which made them beloved successes.

7 Wednesday Season 2 is supposed to pay (subtle) homage to the original comics

Remembering the source material is vital to portraying the Addams Family.

The Addams family in the original comic cooks and drinks tea

Although it is important for Wednesday and other Adams Family adaptations to stand out on their own, it becomes increasingly necessary to appeal to the nostalgic sides of fans. In recent years, modern audiences have begun to rediscover Adams Family TV series and the original art of Charles Adams comics, which means a growing recognition of the classic. The animated film of 2019 Adams Family took over the design of the comic book characters and the film was a fair success. Wednesday season 1 found ways to pay homage to the classic sitcom (via the two-shot theme) and ’90s movies (starring Christina Ricci). Now Season 2 can learn from the cartoon by including the comics.

6 Minor Addams Family Members Need Time to Shine Wednesday Season 2

The best Addams family movies gave each family member time in the spotlight.

A significant part of the done Adams Family (1991) and Addams Family Values (1993) so successful was the way they were able to focus each of the characters. Although the comedy was mostly about Gomez and Morticia, the ’90s movies brought Fester, Pugley, and especially Wednesday into the spotlight. Of course, it’s a little more complicated than that Wednesdaywhich is distinguished from the past Adams Family adaptations by centering on the titular daughter. However, it’s still crucial that the other traditional characters get more time to shine. Wednesday season 1 only features brief appearances by characters like Festerand whether the Netflix series has learned anything from Addams Family Valuesthis will change in season 2.

5 Wednesday Season 2 should lean into family values

The Addams family relationship is a key aspect of the entire franchise.

Cast of The Addams Family movie poster

Wednesday season 1 saw Wednesday reconcile with her parents, but much of the plot focused on the character’s relationship with her classmates. It was good fun for a while, but from The Adams Family has always been about family, it may need season 2 to bring the themes back to their roots. Wednesday is the first series in the franchise not entirely focused on these valuesand although the success of season 1 proves that it works, the decades of success stories that prove this concept should not be forgotten. Fortunately, Wednesday has already set himself up for such values ​​as he further explores Wednesday’s relationship with Pugsley.

4 Morticia & Gomez need more chemistry moments in Wednesday Season 2

The chemistry between Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston in The Addams Family is challenging.

From Wednesday shifted the focus away from Morticia and Gomez and instead focused on Wednesday, it’s no surprise that the pair’s chemistry wasn’t quite up to par with past adaptations. Still, it’s something that fans of Adams Family franchise are looking for, regardless of how many characters are on screen. Actors Raul Julia and Angelica Huston playing Gomez and Morticha in the 90s Adams Family films, had outstanding on-screen chemistry and this has resulted in a standard that is not easy to meet. WednesdayLuis Guzman and Catherine Zeta-Jones have the potential to be just as great, but Wednesday season 2 will have to follow in the footsteps of the 90s movies if it hopes to be as successful.

3 Wednesday Season 2 shouldn’t shy away from comedy

Comedy has always been at the center of The Addams Family.


As a comic book series in The New Yorkerthe original Adams Family it was always for comedy. This continued into the 1960s sitcom and every adaptation since Wednesday. Of course, there’s always going to be something funny about the Addams family with their weird sinister tendencies, and that undoubtedly prevails in Season 1. However, the tease that Wednesday that season 2 will dive even further down the horror road could mean that the comedy aspect will fall by the wayside. If Netflix were to learn any lessons from the past Adams FamilyMr movies and TV adaptations, that is taking myself too it would seriously make it too much of a difference maker in the franchise– there must be a balance.

2 Wednesday Season 2 Should Challenge The Nuclear Family (and Other Social Norms)

The success of the sitcom The Addams Family is based on how it challenges social norms.


The thing you did Adams Family the sitcom stands out for the way it challenges societal norms. It was especially jarring against other popular shows of the 1960s. On paper, Adams was the classic, idealized “nuclear family”, but this was in contrast to their dark obsessions with death and despair. The juxtaposition was crucial to the series’ appeal, but that is much harder to achieve now. Today we take the Addams family for granted, so Wednesday they have to work much harder to create such a jarring contrast to contemporary social expectations. However, if she wants to be as successful as Adams Family TV series, the effort will be worth it.

1 Wednesday Season 2 Shouldn’t Try Too Much To Be Like Past Addams Family Adaptations

Film and TV adaptations of The Addams Family that tried too hard to be like the original failed

Although it is important for Wednesday season 2 to watch Adams Family and learn from past successes and failures, it’s far more important that the Netflix series doesn’t try too hard to be like any specific adaptation. There’s a lot of pressure from fans to conform to familiar aspects of the characters and settings, but some of the underperformers Adams Family movies and TV series were the ones that apparently tried to duplicate the success of the sitcom. After all, a significant part of what he did Wednesday work, to begin with, is this pays homage to those past adaptations without trying to be exactly like them. If Season 2 continues this, it’s sure to be a great installment of Adams Family franchise.

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