9 New Christmas Movies and Promotions on Netflix in 2023

A Christmas Story, Home Alone, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Santa Claus — there are so many classic Christmas movies that to watch them all in December, you’d have to do a screening every night. But if you’re in the mood for fresh holiday content this year, check out the new Netflix Christmas movies (and new Netflix Christmas specials) that end 2023 on a festive note.

There’s something so fun about sharing favorite Christmas movies with your kids and watching them light up as they fall in love with the Grinch or Kevin McAllister. But there’s also something to be said for enjoying brand new movies together for the first time. Who knows? Maybe one of these movies will become a new favorite that you’ll return to year after year. There are also some cartoons and Christmas specials for the youngest children, courtesy of Strawberry cake and Gabby’s Dollhouse. If nothing else, if you and your friends are going to be exchanging cookies soon, here are some really great rom coms to throw on in the background (although Love at first sight and Christmas as usual both look good enough that you’ll all stop and stare).


Family Switch

It may not have been billed as a Christmas movie, but Family Switch takes place during the holidays, so we count it. Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms play two very stressed parents on vacation who, during some super weird astrological event, switch bodies with their teenage children.

Stream family switch, rated PG.


The perfect Strawberry Shortcake holiday

Strawberry Shortcake has had several seasons and specials on Netflix, and now a brand new 45-minute Christmas special is available. All the Berries are super stressed as they try to make their Winter Swirl celebration perfect. When a villain breaks in to steal all the cookies for the party, SS and her friends will have to come together and get them back.

Stream The perfect strawberry shortcake holiday, rated TV-Y.


The best. Christmas. sometime!

Charlotte (Heather Graham) and her family end up at her old college friend Jackie’s (Brandy) house a few days before Christmas. Jackie is known for her upbeat newsletters that describe her life as pretty much perfect, and Charlotte drops her family off at Jackie’s doorstep unannounced to see just how real that perfection is. And… she’s caught. Will the two remain friends and what really happens to Jackie’s so-called perfect life?

Stream The best. Christmas. sometime!, rated TV-PG.


The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Vacation

Mr. Wolf and his team of misfits – which includes a shark, a snake, a spider and a green… creature? — are known criminals. But when Christmas is cancelled, they use their badness for good, stealing presents and breaking into houses to leave them for the townspeople, and generally restoring the Christmas spirit as best they can.

Stream The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Vacation, rated TV-Y7.


Gabby’s Dollhouse: The Mermaid Christmas Cruise

Gabby’s Dollhouse already has quite a few specials over its many seasons. In this new Christmas special, Gabby and the Gabby cats visit Santa Kitty and, with the help of his reindeer kitten, deliver toys to lighten the mood.

Stream Gabby’s Dollhouse, rated TV-Y.


Love at first sight

Again, technical Love at first sight is a rom com, not a Christmas movie, but it takes place in the five days before Christmas, so… It has Hadley and Oliver falling in love on their flight to London. When they land, a small technical difficulty prevents them from having contact information with each other. Will they find each other again?

Stream Love at first sight, rated PG-13.


A virgin river Season 5 Part 2

You are also obsessed with A virgin river?! Well, now we’re getting a two-part Christmas special, baby. According to Netflix, there will be lots of Christmas music, holiday competitions and the big reveal of Mel’s father. If you haven’t seen them yet, they are now available.

Stream virgin river, rating TV-14.


The Claus family 3

This Belgian to English film is just over an hour long, so it’s perfect weeknight viewing if you want something festive. When a gift delivery goes awry and Grandpa Noel is in trouble, young siblings Jules and Nur band together to save Christmas and their family.

Stream The Claus family 3, rating TV-14.


Christmas as usual

This Norwegian-to-English film is a heartfelt homecoming story with a touch of comedy. Thea goes home to Norway for Christmas, where she will introduce her family to Jashan, her Indian boyfriend. As their traditions collide, Thea tries to find the right moment to reveal the couples’ engagement.

Stream Christmas as usual rating TV-14.

So whether you want a new Christmas movie to watch with the kids or after they go to bed, there’s a new addition to Netflix for you this month.

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