9 ways to keep your kitchen from smelling after cooking

Repel “kitchen water” with little effort and remain fragrance-free all day – even after using the most aromatic ingredients.

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While there’s nothing better than sitting down to a hearty breakfast or brunch, there’s nothing more likely to ruin your day than bringing more than a few leftovers with you after a meal. We’re talking about that eggy smell that’s often served as an unintended side to your omelet or scrambled, and that smell can follow you around for the rest of the day.

You’ll find it hanging around your clothes, clinging to your hair, or even coming out of your pores, depending on what exactly you ate.

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Breakfast is just the beginning – there’s a whole list of foods and dishes that will not only stink up your kitchen, but also smear any nearby clothes and even get into your hair. And it doesn’t even have to be your own kitchen, as this also applies to restaurants.

How on earth can you avoid the smell of grease while frying some chicken? Or to avoid the unpleasant aroma of grated salmon with lemon and garlic in a pan?

There are always a few steps you can take to prevent aromas from carrying over, even if you’re simmering the most perfumed curry there is.

Layer up

If you find yourself working with ingredients that will give off a particular bouquet of scents that you don’t want to wear all day, invest in an apron that will act as a barrier between you, stains of all kinds, and the deadliest odors. Another tip from professional chefs is to choose a few select items of clothing that you designate as kitchen-only – you can change and remove these items as you come and go, saving any chance of keeping odors on those items rather than your entire wardrobe.

Get exhausted

There’s an exhaust pipe above your stove for a reason! Use the exhaust to minimize the chance of constantly smelling the fish fillet you’re sauteing for the rest of the evening.

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Do well

A set of nitrile gloves will go a long way to keep the smell off your skin when working with particularly fragrant ingredients. Nitrile is a great alternative to latex and vinyl, and more comfortable too. Stop wiping your wet hands on your pants and invest in some of these.

Dryer Magic

If you find that the clothes have already taken on an unnatural scent from your last meal, don’t throw them in the washing machine just yet. A few dryer sheets or a bag of DIY herbs can help eliminate dryer odors in just 10 minutes. Alternatively, simply hanging your clothes near a well-ventilated area overnight can also work.

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Hair care

Unfortunately for chefs and home cooks alike, hair is a major reason why you can smell bad after cooking or eating a certain dish. You can avoid having to rinse and repeat after eating with a chef hat, wrap, or even a baseball cap. At the very least, pull your locks into a tight bun or knot away from your face and the food you’re cooking.

Do not worry

Garlic, onion, curry powder – all wonderful ways to add flavor to your meals. But all of these foods are heavy when it comes to sulfur, and the chemical is a major contributor to a rather unpleasant smell. Absorbed into your blood, it will come back out through your lungs and pores as you sweat. And not to mention that all of these products contribute to the overpowering stench that hangs around you and your clothes when they’re cooked. Avoid these ingredients if you plan to exercise or engage in sweat-inducing activity later.

Steam smells

A quick steam of clothes after a meal in a lively setting can effectively neutralize any aromas from delicious meals – and if you don’t have a steamer, don’t worry. Take a hot shower and leave your clothes hanging nearby and you and your threads will feel as refreshed as ever.

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Go on the defensive

If you know you’re going to be tackling a flavorful dish in the kitchen, you can make a splash in advance by preparing a small batch of cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter to roast before you fry the onions or garlic. If using the oven, you can alternatively steam citrus peels (lemons or oranges) in a pot of water while you cook.

Besides the usual baking soda, another stationary solution to smelly cooking is white vinegar: Leave the vinegar in small bowls around your cooking space to repel any other pungent odors elsewhere.

Stainless steel

If dish soap doesn’t help get rid of the odor on your hands or skin, rub the affected area with a stainless steel utensil, such as a spoon. This will greatly help minimize damage in a rush.

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