90 questions about the 90s to ask Gen Z

At some point, you’ve probably been riding in the car with someone belonging to a different generation than you, when suddenly their favorite “old” song starts. Maybe you’ve never heard the song before. Your elder, belonging to the previous generation, probably argued about how popular this particular song was back in the day. Or perhaps older family members have talked about vintage household items that were once commonly used, such as record players.

Undoubtedly, each generation seems slightly confused by the technology, products and pop culture of the previous one. But with such a rapid boom in both technology and the Internet over the past 20 years? The gap between Gen Z – those born between 1997 and 2012 – and older generations seems wider than ever. And this list of 90s questions to ask Gen Z will certainly prove that!

Parents on TikTok turned it into a fun series asking their Gen Z kids to describe some items from the 90s. Many of them are completely baffled by most of the questions and we can’t stop laughing about it. If there’s a youngster in your life you’re ready to question, check out this list of fun questions to ask Gen Z about the 90s.

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90 fun 90s questions to ask Gen Z

What is a floppy disk

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