A new economic validation finds that Expel delivers a 254% annual return on investment for its clients

Study quantifies the costs and benefits of building an in-house security operations center versus partnering with a leading vendor, shows Expel helps organizations reduce risk, increase efficiency and save money

HERNDON, VA November 16, 2023—(BUSINESS WIRE)–Expel, the security operations provider dedicated to making security easy to understand, use and improve, today announced the findings of a recently commissioned economic validation conducted by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) of name of Expel, Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Expel’s Managed Detection and Response Services.

Based on in-depth customer interviews, the report, designed to quantify the savings and discuss the challenges of building, staffing and maintaining the 24/7 detection and response functionality of an in-house Security Operations Center (SOC) discovers managed discovery of Expel and response (MDR) creates an annual return on investment (ROI) of 254% for its clients.

Other key findings from ESG’s economic analysis revealed that Expel helps its clients achieve:

  • Faster protection time: Opt for improved visibility and coverage and accelerated alert processing compared to an in-house detection and response function, while eliminating the need to recruit, train and retain additional security talent. The company also provides hassle-free onboarding and configuration, with initial results in just days. As a result, one organization reported saving two years of implementation time and 80% of its IT budget.

  • Reduced business risk: Expel helps ensure compliance, minimize data loss and provides cost-effective, scalable and expert-led solutions that improve its customers’ security posture and reduce business risk. With 24/7 monitoring and proactive threat detection and response, Expel MDR customers have seen a 99% reduction in security risk.

  • Increased operational efficiency: Expel Workbench™ provides customers with a streamlined and centralized security operations platform that allows Expel’s expert analysts and internal security teams to work hand-in-hand, helping customers increase employee productivity and reduce operational complexity.

“For many business leaders, deciding whether to build an in-house security center, outsource to a third party, or find a hybrid approach that best suits their needs is no easy feat,” said Dave Merkel, CEO and co – founder of Expel. “However, ESG’s findings confirm what we know to be true: choosing Expel as your security partner not only relieves internal pressures with additional support, expertise and efficiency, but also pays dividends in the long term – adding much-needed clarity for organizations facing the age-old “build or buy” question when it comes to security operations.

ESG found that Expel MDR’s continuous monitoring, rapid incident response, automation and expertise also help customers increase employee productivity. After implementing Expel, one customer reported a 90% reduction in alert noise and false positives – freeing customers to focus on the signals that matter most.

To download the full study, visit expel.com/economic-benefit-mdr-services-esg. To learn more about Expel MDR, visit the webpage or contact Expel directly.


ESG, an integrated technology analysis, research and strategy firm, uses Expel-provided materials, public and industry knowledge of the economy and technology, and the results of customer interviews to report and model the expected savings and benefits that customers can expect using Expel MDR.

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Expel helps companies of all types and sizes minimize business risk. Our technology and people work together to make sense of security alerts – with your business in mind – to quickly detect, understand and fix issues. Powered by our security operations platform, Expel offers managed detection and response (MDR), remediation, phishing, vulnerability prioritization and threat hunting. For more information visit our website, check out our blog or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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