A trend embraced by too many men

A teenager has gone viral for exposing a depressing trend that only seems to affect women at Christmas.

Heated debate has been sparked by a mum’s ‘controversial’ re-gifting hack as she navigates the tricky world of re-gifting, dividing opinion online.

It’s a growing-up rite of passage to realize how much work your mom does during the silly season that goes unrecognized when you’re a kid. Sometimes this lesson can be learned when you realize how little is being done for your mother in return.

The TikTok amassed millions of views featuring a fourteen-year-old child who had just discovered that their mother had to buy presents to open on Christmas Day.

“I just found out that my mom is stuffing her own stocking on Christmas Eve. I didn’t believe in it like Santa Claus, but I believed in my father,” explained the teenager.

He just found out that his mother buys herself presents. Photo: TikTok

He made this discovery at fourteen. Photo: TikTok

The teenager added that he was horrified to discover it wasn’t something his dad did for his mum at Christmas.

“For a long time I thought my dad would care enough to do this simple thing for her, but he can’t. She does everything herself,” he explained.

TikTok may be dismissed as a one-off or unique situation, but the comments in response to the teenager’s revelation reveal it as a much wider problem.

The problem is so widespread that someone responded on TikTok and said he just “guessed” most moms filled their stockings at Christmas.

The creator responded and said that he had wrongly “judged” that his father would fill his mother’s stocking because she always filled his.

The comment section quickly turned into people sharing how their mothers in their family often had to buy on their own.

Women online think it’s normal for their male partners not to buy for them. Photo: TikTok/lang2399

Women share this reality online, Photo: TikTok/cboryca

One mother commented that she always bought and wrapped her presents, and her child only realized when she was hospitalized for a year so she couldn’t do it.

Another shared that she had been married for 25 years and her husband did not get her “anything” on any occasion, including Christmas, birthdays and Mother’s Day.

Someone else wrote that while their mother was always responsible for filling everyone else’s stockings in the family, hers were always “empty.”

“I started filling it now as no one else in the family does. She deserves the world,” she admitted.

One wife shared that after more than a decade of marriage, she now just pretends she doesn’t want anything for Christmas, but admits it makes her sad that no one bothers to buy her anything.

One child revealed that last year her mother gave her the gifts she had bought for herself and asked her daughter to wrap them and write that they were from her husband.

“I wanted to cry after that,” she admitted.

Women say that men do not spoil their wives on Christmas. Photo: TikTok/piagetti

She shared that her father forgot to buy something for her mother. Photo: TikTok/piagetti

Another shared that after years of stuffing her father’s stocking and getting nothing in return, her mother stopped doing it.

Likewise, someone else wrote that their mom always buys and wraps her gifts herself because after 20 years of marriage, their dad still claims he “never knows” what to get her.

One mother said her daughters were just four and five years old when they noticed their father was not buying their mother Christmas presents.

“Once I did nothing for myself, so there was nothing. My daughters found out before we got up and gave me a present for Santa,” wrote one.

She shared that her boyfriend of five years had not gotten her a present. Photo: TikTok/filters_by_eva

Women are forgotten by their partners at Christmas. Photo: Instagram/filters_by_eva

Similarly, creator Eve shared on TikTok last year that her boyfriend of five years “forgot” to get her a Christmas present.

She said that after he forgot her Christmas present, he asked her to check the glove compartment of his car.

He thought there would be a hidden gift there… but he was wrong.

He just had her take his wallet that was there.

Her husband of a decade forgot to fill her stocking. Photo: TikTok/whataboutaub

She shared what it’s like to be forgotten. Photo: TikTok/whataboutaub

This question became such a thing that a married woman who was “forgotten” by her husband on Christmas also went viral.

Aubrey Jones shared a “PSA for husbands everywhere” after Josh, her husband of 12 years, captured the moment she realized he hadn’t bought her a present for the 10th year in a row.

The clip shows the Jones family home filled with gifts for the kids, Josh and even the dog, while poor Aubrey’s sock sits empty and unloved on a chair.

“Why is it empty?” Josh can be heard asking after noticing that everyone else is packed to the brim.

“Santa didn’t come for me,” Aubrey solemnly replies, sitting on the couch in her pajamas.

The video quickly racked up millions of views as women resonated with the familiar turn of events, proving that far too many men are guilty of forgetting their wives and partners during the holidays.

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