Accenture Technology Vision 2023: Generative AI that will usher in a bold new future for business, merging physical and digital worlds

Accenture Technology Vision 2023: Generative AI to usher in a bold new future for business,
Merging physical and digital worlds

The report explores how technology will change the way people work and live

Accenture Unveils Generative AI Center of Excellence for Clients and Partners

NEW YORK; March 30, 2023 — New research from Accenture (NYSE: ACN) finds that generative AI and other rapidly evolving technologies portend a bold new future for business as the physical and digital worlds become inextricably linked.

Accenture’s Technology Vision 2023, When Atoms Meet Bits: The Foundations of Our New Reality,” explores the technology trends that underpin the convergence of the physical and digital as businesses seek to accelerate the reinvention of the enterprise here and now.

“The next decade will be defined by three mega-technology trends – cloud, metaspace and AI – that together will collapse the distance between our digital and physical worlds,” said Paul Doherty, CEO of Accenture Technology. “While generative AI will have far-reaching impact, leaders must dive in now to realize its full promise, as it will require significant investment in data, people and customization of underlying models to meet the unique needs of organizations.” ”

ChatGPT’s meteoric rise has drawn the world’s attention to the power of generative AI to augment human capabilities. Accenture estimates that around 40% of all work hours will be supported or augmented by language-based AI. Among business leaders, 98% of respondents agree that AI-based models will play an important role in their organization’s strategies over the next three to five years.

Accenture’s 2023 technology vision identifies four trends that are key to unlocking this new shared reality:

  • Generative AI: Enhancing human capacity as a co-pilot, creative partner or advisor, nearly all executives agree that generative AI will drive significant creativity and innovation (98%) and usher in a new era of enterprise intelligence (95%).
  • Digital Identity: The ability to authenticate digital users and assets – the foundation for traversing digital and physical worlds – is now viewed by 85% of executives as a strategic business imperative, rather than just a technical issue.
  • My data, your data, our data: AI cannot reach its full potential until companies understand data. This means breaking down data silos and modernizing their data foundations. In fact, 90% of executives believe that data is becoming a key competitive differentiator within organizations and across industries.
  • Our Eternal Frontier: The feedback loop between science and technology is accelerating, with each accelerating the other’s progress in ways that 75% of respondents believe can begin to unlock the world’s grand challenges.
Multidimensional creativity: Looking Glass, a member of Project Spotlight, brought this AI-generated image to life by converting it into a 3-D format that can be embedded and shared on the Internet on any device

Based on years of research and client work, Accenture has created a company-wide team, the Generative AI and Large Language Model (LLM) Center of Excellence, bringing together 1,600 professionals dedicated to generative AI and leveraging the depth and experience of more than 40,000 Specialists in artificial intelligence and data at Accenture. To help guide and inform business leaders, Accenture published “A New Era of Generative AI for Everyone,” an in-depth study of generative AI/LLM that provides practical insights into how leaders can best leverage this disruptive technology.

For 23 years, Accenture has taken a systematic look at the enterprise landscape to identify the technology trends most likely to disrupt businesses and industries. For more information on this year’s report, visit or follow the conversation on Twitter with #TechVision.

About the research

For the Technology Vision 2023 report, “When Atoms Meet Bits: The Foundations of Our New Reality,” Accenture gathered input from an external advisory board of more than two dozen practitioners spanning the public and private sectors, academia, venture capital and entrepreneurial companies. In parallel, Accenture Research conducted a global survey of 4,777 C-level executives and directors across 34 countries and 25 industries. The survey was conducted between December 2022 and January 2023.

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