Adam Driver promotes Coppola’s new film after reports of Chaos filming


  • Adam Driver praises his work experience Megapolisstating that Francis Ford Coppola’s self-financing allowed for creative freedom on set.
  • Driver credits the fact that Coppola was in control of the film he wanted to make, making it a great shooting experience.
  • Despite reports of trouble on set, Driver describes the creation process Megapolis with Coppola as what movies should be and praises the director’s generosity and philosophy.

Adam Driver has spoken highly of his time working on the upcoming film Megapolis. Megapolis is helmed by directorial icon Francis Ford Coppola, who is author behind some of the most famous films of the 20th century, inclusive Godfather and the masterpiece apocalypse now. Megapolis is a sci-fi film about an architect who tries to reconstruct New York as a post-disaster utopia.

Despite reported problems on the set of the upcoming Megapolis, actor Driver raves about his experience on set of the film. Speaking with acceleratorDriver claims that the fact that Coppola “financed it himself” allowed for significantly more freedom on set. This meant that Coppola “controlled the film” and Driver “liked this process and was done with it.” Check out the full quote from Driver below:

“Because he financed it himself, it made the filming process one of the best experiences, if not the best filming experience I’ve ever had. There was no unnecessary conversation, no people stealing from Peter to pay Paul.”

“It felt like he was in control of the movie he wanted to make, and that was it.”

“I felt like, ‘Oh, this is how movies should be.'” And he’s the most generous, philosophical person I know. I loved this process and doing it with him. I love talking to him.”

Megalopolis Rocky Production Explained

Despite Driver’s positive report on Megapolis, there have been numerous other reports to the contrary regarding the state of Coppola’s set. Earlier this year it was reported that multiple staff members—including supervising art director David Scott and production designer Beth Mickle—had left the projectt, leaving Megapolis no art department. These departures occurred midway through the film’s shooting, forcing Coppola to hire new staff.


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Add to Megapolis the chaos is the fact that Coppola has been trying to make this movie for decades. Megapolis comes from an idea that Coppola originally came up with in the 1980s. He failed to begin production on the film in an attempt in the early 2000s, abandoning the project in 2007. Coppola then finally restarted production in 2019, deciding to finance the project himself.

Despite chaotic reports, Megapolis finally managed to wrap up filming in March this year. The film is in post-production, but its release date is not clear. Reports from the film’s set indicate that as hectic as the production was, Megapolis itself is a bold effort from Coppola, and recent praise for Driver certainly suggests that’s true.

Source: Collider


Megalopolis has been a longtime passion project for director Francis Ford Coppola, who began writing the film back in the 1980s. The film is described as an epic sci-fi drama about a man who wants to rebuild New York as a metropolis after a global catastrophe. The film has an ensemble cast including Aubrey Plaza, Adam Driver, Giancarlo Esposito and Shia LeBeouf.

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