AGPM Insurance Group chooses S3NS to develop its cloud services platform

  • With more than 1.8 million contracts under management , an AGPM mutual insurance company provides a full range of insurance and family protection solutions for members of the defense and security community. The insurer recently signed a contract with S3NS to provide a cloud-based operational data management solution.
  • AGPM selected Local Controls from S3NS, offering to combine the most advanced Thales and Google Cloud technologies to support digital transformation and fulfill the insurer’s strategic objectives, drive competitiveness and ensure data security.

The new agreement will streamline the processes used by AGPM’s information systems department and introduce the innovation that information systems professionals need. With the support of S3NS, the insurer will implement a secure cloud solution powered by the most advanced technologies available today. AGPM expects the project to provide improved flexibility, higher productivity and shorter response times in both IT production and data usage, while ensuring improved security for policyholders.

“The cloud creates value for AGPM by accelerating our operational processes and we expect the project to lead to a significant improvement in our productivity.” said Christian Gross, Director Information Systems, AGPM.

“As tangible benefits of AGPM’s ongoing cloud migration strategy, the first use cases will be available on the Local Controls by S3NS architecture from December 2023.” added Guillaume Hédoux, Head of Architecture and IT Transformation at AGPM.

“AGPM’s decision is the latest confirmation that S3NS solutions, and in particular our local control offering from S3NS, perfectly meet the needs of the insurance industry and provide essential support for the insurer’s transition to a reliable cloud environment as it approaches to the growing challenge of protecting data in the cloud,” said Cyprien Falke, CEO of S3NS.

S3NS, where performance, innovation and data security come together

AGPM chose S3NS, a French joint venture created by Thales and Google Cloud and controlled by Thales, to combine Thales’ security expertise with Google’s track record of innovation in cloud technology. For the insurance company, the main advantages of Local controls from S3NS S3NS offerings include:

  • Infrastructure and data hosting in France
  • Local technical support by S3NS
  • Stronger security guarantees thanks to managed outsourced data encryption by S3NS.

S3NS was created to provide Certified by ANSSI SecNumCloud1 a reliable cloud offering to French organizations to protect their data from the application of extraterritorial laws. The solution chosen by AGPM will help the insurer address data security concerns that are an integral part of its core business.

About AGPM

For more than 70 years, AGPM Mutual Insurance Company has provided insurance solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of defense and security professionals, and has implemented a deep-rooted policy of welfare and family protection. The company shares the defense and security community’s values ​​of mutual support and solidarity.

Since its founding in 1951, AGPM has continuously expanded and improved its insurance, health and retirement offerings to provide a full range of products and services accessible to all. The company has more than 717,000 policyholders and more than 1.8 million contracts under management.

About S3NS

S3NS is an innovative alliance between Thales, a French leader in cyber security in Europe, and Google Cloud, a global leader in cloud technology. S3NS aims to provide French public institutions and private companies with highly secure public cloud offerings, enabling them to move to the ANSSI SecNumCloud certified trusted cloud. S3NS is a French company controlled by Thales.

1 SecNumCloud is a framework developed by ANSSI, the French national agency for the security of information systems, which enables the certification of cloud services demonstrating a high level of security and trust (“trusted cloud”).

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