Ajman Tourism and Aleph Hospitality sign a memorandum of understanding to promote unique projects

  • To create better investment opportunities in the emirate’s tourism sector
  • Mahmoud Khalil Alhashmi: This agreement helps launch new tourism projects in Ajman

Ajman: As part of its efforts to boost the tourism sector in the Emirate of Ajman, the Ajman Tourism Development Department continues to develop new projects and attract major investments to the destination. To fulfill this commitment, the Ajman Tourism Development Department has signed a memorandum of understanding with Aleph Hospitality, a UAE-based leading independent hotel management company in the Middle East and Africa.

Driven by a mutual vision and objectives, this agreement sets the framework for cooperation and joint efforts between Ajman Tourism and Aleph Hospitality to further support and develop the tourism sector in the emirate.

This MoU calls for the full promotion of the Emirate of Ajman and attracting new investment to it, while endorsing The WeLodge Masfout as a destination of choice for mountain biking, sports and recreation. The importance of focusing on the Masfut region lies in its abundant land that is rich in marble, its cool climate compared to other regions in Ajman due to its high altitude and its ideal location that is suitable for outdoor activities such as jogging, hiking, mountain biking and picnicking, as well as exploring breathtaking valleys and colossal mountains.

The focus on Masfout is in line with the government’s directives to promote Masfout as part of Ajman’s leading position on the global tourism map in line with the Ajman 2030 vision and highlights the famous tourist destinations available in the emirate.

This agreement aims to attract new investment in the tourism sector by promoting Ajman’s rich features and highlighting its leading position as a desirable tourist destination, while exchanging all experiences to achieve the common vision of both countries.

His Excellency Mahmoud Khalil Alhashmi, Director General of Ajman Tourism Development Department, said: “This MoU is the result of our efforts to provide visitors to Ajman with unique experiences and attractive offers that complement the personalized journeys of visitors to Ajman.

“Our department seeks to establish new collaborations with local and global partners, which is in line with Ajman’s strategies to boost its tourism sector by attracting new investments and helping launch new hotel projects,” Alhashmi added.

For his part, Bani Haddad, Founder and Managing Director of Aleph Hospitality, said: “We are excited about our partnership with Ajman Tourism and it is exciting to work on such an innovative hospitality project. Providing exceptional guest experiences is at the heart of what we do and WeLodge is a great example of a next generation lifestyle and wellness destination that combines exciting outdoor mountain biking and sports activities, stylish bungalows, healthy food and breakfast options and non-standard -follow co-working space”.

Meryem Kastalli and Jean-Noël Odier, creators of the WeLodge brand, said: “Mountain biking has experienced unprecedented growth over the years, attracting a large number of sports enthusiasts to the country’s most scenic mountain regions. We developed WeLodge to address a market gap and provide authentic adventure tourism, with affordable development costs and above average non-accommodation revenue contribution.”

Ajman Tourism continues to offer many incentives and facilitations for foreign investment and supports locals in solid collaboration with its strategic partners to help make Ajman a destination of choice for lucrative business ventures.


For Ajman Tourism Development Department

The Ajman Tourism Development Department aims to promote the emirate’s tourist attractions and highlight the unique elements that Ajman has to offer as one of the leading tourist destinations in the UAE.

The department works on developing strategies to improve local, regional and international tourism in the emirate by planning and implementing global tourism promotion campaigns, organizing and participating in conferences and exhibitions, regulating and developing the tourism industry and improving the capacity and services of the tourism facilities and businesses operating in the emirate.

The Ajman Tourism Development Department is responsible for setting regulations and legislation necessary to organize the tourism sector in the emirate, finding the appropriate tourism standards and services provided to tourists, and issuing licenses to travel and tourism agencies and administering their efficiency.

For more information, please visit https://ajman.travel/ar-ajmantourism/

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