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Romanian bodybuilder Andrej Deyu is making the most of his time in the gym and preparing for his Classic Physique debut. Besides being a professional bodybuilder, Deiu is a fitness model and influencer. The 28-year-old earned his IFBB Pro card by winning the Amateur Olympia in 2017. He then teamed up with renowned bodybuilding coach Hanny Rambaud and made his professional bodybuilding debut at the 2017 Arnold Classic Europe in the Men’s Physique division. Deiu achieved second place in the show and became the talk of the town because of the huge potential it had.

A win at the 2019 Romania Muscle Fest Pro earned him direct qualification for the 2020 Olympia. Andrei had a promising performance on the show and finished fifth in the Men’s Physique Division on the show. After proving his mettle on bodybuilding’s biggest stage, Andrei Deyu returned to compete at the 2021 IFBB Republic of Texas Pro and emerged victorious. The win earned him a second shot at the Olympia title, and the Romanian pro finished seventh at the 2021 Olympia. He last competed at the 2022 Texas Pro and secured second place. In November 2022, Andrei Deyu announced his decision to move to the Classic Physique division.

On March 16, 2023, Andrey Deyu posted a video of a back workout on his YouTube channel. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the detailed description of this training session.

Andrei Deyu is training his back

Lat Pulldowns

Andrei Deyu and his training partner started the training session with a lat pulldown using the Hoist Fitness Lat Pulldown machine. The lat pulldown is a crucial exercise for back development and primarily works the latissimus dorsi muscles of the back. The seat position of the machine used by Deiu is adjusted with the movement of the exercise arm. The company’s website claims this feature achieves unrestricted joint movement along with key activation benefits. Deiu performed three working sets of this exercise for 10 to 12 repetitions. He then did a triple dip series with his training partner and moved on to the next exercise.

Super Power Panatta Rows

After working on a vertical pulling movement, the Romanian bodybuilder tackled this horizontal pulling movement. Seated rows not only help build a tighter back by working the latissimus dorsi and upper back muscles, but they also help improve posture. Deiu uses the Super Power Panatta row machine to make the rows. This machine is specifically designed to stimulate the mid back area and build muscle thickness in that area.

“I’m not trying to get super heavy because I want to have a good mind-muscle connection… 5G connection (Laughs)… So I can squeeze, you know. Squeeze and hold the movement and also stretch all the way. This is how you grow muscles and get quality 3D fibers…” said Andrei Deyu.

Deiu went through three solid sets of the super power rows before starting another rowing exercise.

Rows of cables with neutral grip

Then switching to the cable machine, Andrei Deyu performs cable rows from a seated position using a neutral grip. After going through a few sets of cable sit-ups, the 28-year-old turned his focus to T-Bar rows.

Rows of T-bars with a machine slope

T-bar is probably the best rowing exercise for back development. It works to pull muscles such as the latissimus dorsi, teres major, teres minor, trapezius, infraspinatus, posterior deltoids, brachialis and pectoralis major. Andrei Deiu did a few heavy sets of T-bar machines and continued with the final exercises of the day.

Superset – cable straight arm pull and cable face pull

Andrei Deyu uses the superset of these two exercises as the end of his training. Supersets are an effective way to increase the aerobic intensity of a training session because there are often very short rest periods between two consecutive sets. Deiu added the last bit of boost to his back muscles with this upgrade and finished the workout.

“That superset I just did is one of my favorite exercises and superset of the day because I actually feel like (with) the last exercise the muscles are actually stretching and contracting properly. So try this!” Andrei Deyu commented after the superset.

In general, the training included:

(Note: Number of sets and reps mentioned are based on visual observation of the video. Actual numbers may vary)

Andrei Deyu is a talented competitor. His efforts are supported by the knowledge and experience of an experienced coach like Hany Rambaud. As he continues to prepare for his Classic Physique debut, Fitness Volt wishes him all the best for this new chapter in his career.

You can watch the full workout video here, courtesy of Andrei Deyu’s personal YouTube channel:

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