Are these fan favorite couples breaking up? Celebrity psychic reveals what to watch out for in 2024, from shock breakups to the must-see movie of the year

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will go “from strength to strength” in the New Year according to a psychic, while the opposite will be true for Molly-May Hague and Tommy Fury.

Inbaal Honigmann has predicted that the 2019 Love Island runners-up won’t be the only celebrity couple to face difficulties next year, with Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet also set for a ‘fight’.

The mystic also indicated what movies and music to watch out for in the coming months, with surprising returns on the cards for the billboards and box office charts.

She said: “Sagittarius Taylor gets the ‘XIV Art’ tarot card which is the Sagittarius card. This means that 2024 will be a year full of travel, color, noise, fun and adventure for the prolific performer.

“Her relationship will go from strength to strength, but there is no indication that she will settle down and start planning a wedding.”

Celebrity mystic Inbaal Honigman predicted Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (pictured in October) will go from strength to strength in the New Year, but said they won’t be getting engaged
However, Tommy Fury and Molly-May Hague will be ‘moving apart’ as their careers go in different directions
Celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman (pictured) has predicted the celebrity couples who will break up, as well as the movies and music to watch out for in the coming months

“Libra Travis gets the II High Priestess card, which signifies spirituality and wisdom. His year promises to be peaceful and fulfilling.

“There are no major changes surrounding his career and he will do everything he can to support his famous girlfriend. The idea of ​​marriage will occur to him, but he is more in love with the idea of ​​marriage than Taylor is.

Conflicting reports at the end of 2023 questioned whether the NFL star would propose to his girlfriend, but it looks like the continuation of Taylor’s Era tour will take precedent, even as the couple continues to thrive.

On the other hand, the most famous breakup predicted by Inbaal was that of Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury.

Speaking on behalf of Slingo, the astrologer predicted that the two would “grow in different directions”, with the former getting “fresh opportunities abroad” while offers for Tommy would start to dwindle.

Nearly a year later, after the couple gave birth to their daughter Bambi, Inbaal added: “The boxer would like to have fun and some family time together, while the creative influencer would like to continue working.”

Timothée Chalamet is another group to be left behind by his significant other – his romance with Kylie Jenner will not be enough to “get her off her nerves” as work “bores” the entrepreneur.

“This couple is too immersed in their respective careers and their love story will struggle to flourish,” Inbaal explained.

A host of other celebrity couples are also struggling with work, with Ms Honigman suggesting that David Beckham’s burgeoning estate will make Victoria “sad to spend time apart” from her husband of 24 years.

Also, “struggling” Justin Bieber will be involved in projects that aren’t “fun” while wife Hailey is “living her best life.”

“The 10 of Wands card shows that the hitmaker finds his work difficult,” she said, “instead of writing and singing, he’s caught up in promoting luxury items, which just isn’t his idea of ​​a good time.”

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet were also scrutinized for a difficult year as a couple
Justin Bieber is set for a year ‘obsessed with promoting luxury items, which just isn’t his idea of ​​a good time’, although Hailey will be ‘living her best life’
The Beckhams will also have a year marred by work commitments, according to Inbaal

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are set to come out of 2024 stronger than ever, with Inbaal predicting the latter will be happy to take time out of the tour to support his busy partner.

This good news for Kourtney could lead to tougher times for Travis’ band, Blink-182, whose One More Time world tour is scheduled to run from February to August.

Interestingly, with possible changes in the pipeline for the All The Small Things trio, Inbaal has an oddly specific prophecy for the best album of 2024.

“A surprise new album to rave reviews from a three-piece band going two. A set of emotional circumstances sends the group into a frenzy of creativity,” she described, as part of Betfair Casino’s What’s New in 2024? series.

“Their new sound will be melancholic, with strings and a slow tempo, evoking a sense of comfort.” The new lyrics and melodies will be written by the band themselves and will draw on their own emotional journeys.

The band returned with the album One More Time in October 2023 after singer Mark Hoppus was diagnosed with cancer in 2021 – although he is now thankfully cancer free.

On the cinema front, Inbaal spoke of a “superstar of many years” who will make a “big comeback”.

“The plot of Hollywood’s most famous new film will center around a man who has experienced misfortune and ultimately triumphed.

“We follow the new hero through a period of isolation as he becomes a recluse, seeking solace in animals he sees as non-judgemental.

“The lead star is an older man with silver hair who will embody each new stage of the character’s life through physical transitions, possibly gaining and losing weight or using elaborate make-up.

“An iconic image of him holding a cup will be central to the film’s publicity. The symbol of the new film is a butterfly.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have a good year ahead of them, with the astrologer saying the latter will take time off from touring with Blink-182 to support his family
Inbaal also has the best album of the year, noted as coming from “a three-man band that becomes two”. Pictured: Blink-182 members (L-R) Matt Skiba, Mark Hoppus and Barker

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