Art in the Age of the Metaverse – Announcements

Art in the Age of the Metaverse
The first speakers have been announced
10–12 March 2023

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Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10

1017 RR Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Art in the Age of the Metaverse is a conference that aims to explore and critically reflect on the role of art in the time of the metaverse, as a new cultural and social context, and shape its future direction more ethically and collaboratively. The metaverse is a shared space at the nexus between the virtual and the physical that is attracting increasing attention as a space for artistic production and experiences.

Confirmed speakers include Morehshin Allahyari, Black Swan, Ian Cheng, Barbara Cueto, Ali Eslami, The Hmm, Trevor McFedries, Micaela Mantegna, Moving Castle (Arthur Roeing Baer+GVN), Marina Otero Verzier, Chao Tayiana, Shuruq Tramontini and Veronica So. Additional confirmed participants will be continuously added to the website.

Art in the Age of the Metaverse brings together artists, curators, activists and industry professionals from around the world who work at the intersection of the metaverse and contemporary art. Through talks, discussions and presentations, participants will share their insights and explore key questions such as: What are the forms of artistic expression in the relationship between physical and virtual? How do artists engage with ethical, social and environmental implications? How do artists influence what the metaverse is and how can they stand up to big tech? And what role do we as participants play in shaping its future direction?

The main purpose of Art in the Age of the Metaverse is to promote a more just and engaged vision of the metaverse. This includes addressing issues such as decentralization and inclusion, addressing the environmental impact of the infrastructure required to support the metaverse, and promoting sustainability and responsibility in its development and use.

In addition to these broader themes, the conference will showcase the work of individual artists and collectives who use the metaverse as a means of artistic expression. Through their practices, these artists push the boundaries of what is possible in the metaverse and challenge traditional notions of space, time, and identity.

We hope so Art in the Age of the Metaverse will provide space and opportunity for thought-provoking discussions and exchanges.

Daily program

Day 1 (Friday 10 March 2023)
– Workshops by Black Swan, The Hmm, Shuruq Tramontini & Veronica So at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten
– Opening presentation of works by various artists working with metauniverse technologies and themes at De Balie
– Dutch premiere of Ian Cheng’s latest film work Life After BOB: Exploring the Cup in De Balie

Day 2 (Saturday, March 11, 2023)
– Conference at De Balie with Morehshin Allahyari, Ian Cheng, Barbara Cueto, Ali Eslami, Micaela Mantegna, Trevor McFedries, Moving Castle (Arthur Roeing Baer+GVN), Marina Otero Verzier, Chao Tayiana and more participants to be announced

Day 3 (Sunday, March 12, 2023)
– Presentation of works by various artists working with technologies and themes of the metaverse at De Balie

A multi-year research project Art in the Age of the Metaverse is a collaboration between the Hartwig Art Foundation and the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, led by Memory Gems. The international conference is organized jointly with De Balie.

Tickets are now on sale — join us for this exciting event and important conversations live in Amsterdam or via our Discord server and stream live online!

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