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During the School of Art’s annual Holiday Sale, attendees had the opportunity to purchase original student creations and meet the artists behind them.

Senior studio art major and vice president of the Textiles Club, Ashlyn Merrill, said they chose to participate in the sale as an opportunity for students to purchase handmade products and meet the artists.

“I think it’s really special when people can buy handmade things and know who made them,” Merrill said.

This year’s holiday sale features creations from the Glass Club, Jewelry and Metals Co-Op Club, Ceramics Club, The Arts Entrepreneurship Club, United Print Alliance and Textiles Club.

Compared to the School of Art’s previous Halloween sale, the holiday art sale saw a larger turnout, junior studio art major and United Print Alliance treasurer Gianna DeAlexandro said.

“There seems to be a lot more traffic for the holidays, and that’s because there’s a lot more free time at the end of the semester,” DeAlexandro said.

The Arts Entrepreneurship Club uses the opportunity to teach its members how to price and sell their creations, said sophomore visual communication design and Arts Entrepreneurship Club member Nadia Seniv.

Sophomore art major and Art Entrepreneurship Club member Taliyah Clark said she hopes people will be more eager to contact her after the exposure the sale provides for her jewelry.

“I hope people see it and just recognize it and contact me if they don’t buy something the first time,” Clark said. “I hope some people come and buy things for people they’re trying to do holiday shopping for.”

Profits from the sale of glass pieces, such as ornaments available in the Glass Club, will go to the artist who made the individual pieces and the club, a biology sophomore and Glass Club member, Emily Friend said.

From Thursday’s sale, the Glass Club made about $800 to $1,000 in sales as they sold about 20 to 30 products, Friend said.

During a previous meeting, pottery club members made the mugs for the art sale to raise money, Junior Parks Recreation and Tourism Management and pottery club member Alexis Wendling said.

“We had a Mug-A-Thon where we were in the studio for 24 hours making mugs and it was a great community event,” Wendling said. “We chose the mug because it’s the holidays and people make hot drinks for themselves, it’s the holiday of drinking hot cocoa and stuff and snuggling up.”

A friend said she noticed the holiday shoppers in attendance because Glass Club’s most popular item from the sale was their glass ornaments.

Glass ornaments made by the Glass Club available at the Holiday Art Sale. (Adriana Gasiewski)

“I think it’s really close to Christmas [the glass ornaments] it just catches people’s eye just the way it’s shown,” Friend said.

While some may have finished their holiday shopping, it’s still a great opportunity to buy something for your loved ones, said Residence Hall Director Shawness Johnson.

“If I see something, I’d definitely be happy to buy it for the holidays or as a gift,” Johnson said. “It’s a great and sweet sale and I’m really glad Kent State has this on our campus.”

The Jewelry and Metal Co-Op Club was mindful of who would attend the sale, so they chose to sell their products at a reasonable price, said senior studio art specialist and club vice president David Homscher.

“There are a lot of poor students on campus, including us, so the majority of us in the club really try to make things affordable,” Homscher said. “Like those $8 pair of hippo earrings, they’re actually probably worth a little more than that.”

Others like sophomore art major Candy Autrey came to the sale to show support for their partner and friends.

“I just came to look at the great art … I mean, my partner was in the Mug-A-Thon and a few of my friends were,” Autry said. “This is really cool, I really enjoy looking at everyone’s art.”

For those who missed this art sale, Homscher said they can still purchase the creations made by the Jewelry and Metal Co-Op Club and Glass Club at the Haymaker Farmer Market on Dec. 16.

Adriana Gasievski is a staff reporter. Contact her at [email protected].

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