Arts in the Sunset to showcase Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel exhibit

Arts in the Sunset will host its inaugural exhibit, “Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition,” at the newly renovated Sunset Center from June 9th through July 23rd.

The exhibition, which was shown around the world to a global audience, will be an opportunity for people to see the art that is stored in the Sistine Chapel and reproduced for a mass audience that can be seen at their leisure to study the legendary works of Art. This recreation of 34 frescoes uses a unique technique to mimic the look and feel of the original paintings. Each image in the exhibition will have information about the painting, with audio guides at a price.

Mark White, executive vice president of Amarillo College and deacon at St. Apostle Thomas”, spoke about the importance of the exhibition for the city.

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“I think it speaks volumes for the kind people who live in Amarillo with the religious roots of the city,” White said. “The idea that the primary work of art in all of civilization depicts scenes from the Bible tells us something about our humanity. I am very proud that there is so much interest in the city to see these works.”

Mark White, executive vice president of Amarillo College, spoke Tuesday morning about what's ahead
The newly renovated Sunset Center, now known as Arts in the Sunset, will host its first major exhibition,

White sees this as a chance for young and old alike to be inspired by the works of the books of Genesis to open up some deeper thoughts about life. He also sees Amarillo’s community and its love of the arts combined with the religious nature of the city, making the Sistine Chapel the perfect type of exhibit to spark interest in the city.

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