Aviva plc UK Personal Lines Briefing and Non-Life Insurance Update 2022

Aviva plc (“Aviva” or the “Group”) today hosted an “In Focus” briefing for investors and analysts regarding its UK General Insurance (“GI”) personal lines business. The event, which starts at 10:00am (GMT), will be hosted by Charlotte Jones, Group Finance Director, and presented by Adam Winslow, Chief Executive of UK & Ireland GI, and Owen Morris, MD UK GI Personal Lines.

Today’s presentation will focus on Aviva’s flagship UK business GI Personal Lines, which has strong and profitable growth opportunities in attractive market segments, particularly retail and high net worth. Our customer-centric business is diversified in both product and distribution with deliberate, targeted brand segmentation. With her strong performance track record, she is a key contributor to the Aviva Group, delivering cash generation, operating profit, customer access and capital diversification. This is supported by excellent technical foundations, including in data science and machine learning.

Full year 2022 non-life insurance update

Aviva’s GI business in the UK, Ireland and Canada continued to trade positively in the final months of 2022, demonstrating the clear benefits of our diversification across GI products and geographies.

For the full year 2022, we estimate the group’s combined operating ratio of around 94.6%1, in line with the guidance we provided in our third quarter trading update in November. The Group’s dividend guidance and outlook for return on capital remain unchanged.

We continue to price appropriately for the high inflation environment, particularly in UK personal lines, responding quickly to emerging data and trends.

At Group level, the weather experience for the whole of 2022 is largely consistent1 with our Long Term Averages (“LTA”) and slightly above them1 LTA in the fourth quarter. During 2022 UK and Ireland weather was only marginally above the LTA (+0.4pp1), while it was below LTA in Canada (-0.9 points1, excluding weather events for the fourth quarter). In the UK, we focused on supporting our customers during and after the freezing weather in December, which we estimate to cost around £50 million.

Organizing the introduction of UK Personal Lines

Today’s presentation and analyst Q&A will be streamed live on www.aviva.com and a recording will be available on the website shortly after the event. Analysts are invited to attend in person. The presentation slides will be published on the Aviva website shortly before the event.


1 Untested and subject to finalization


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Notes to the editors:

  • We are the UK’s leading insurance, wealth and retirement business and operate in the UK, Ireland and Canada. We also have international investments in Singapore, China and India.
  • We help our 18.5 million customers get the most out of life, plan for the future and have the confidence that if things go wrong, we’ll be there to fix them.
  • We have been caring for people for 325 years in line with our goal of being “with you today, for a better tomorrow”. In 2021, we paid out £30.2 billion in claims and benefits to our customers.
  • Aviva is a market leader in sustainability. In 2021, we announced our plan to become a zero-carbon company by 2040, the first major insurance company in the world to do so. This plan means net zero carbon emissions from our investments by 2040; setting a clear path to the target of a 25% reduction in the carbon intensity of our investments by 2025 and 60% by 2030; and Net zero carbon emissions from our own operations and supply chain by 2030. Learn more about our climate goals at www.aviva.com/climate-goals and our sustainability ambitions and actions at www.aviva.com/sustainability
  • Aviva is a Living Wage and Living Hours employer and provides market-leading benefits for our people, including flexible working, paid carers’ leave and equal parental leave. Learn more at https://www.aviva.com/about-us/our-people/
  • As at 30 June 2022, Aviva Group’s total group assets under management were £353 billion and our Solvency II excess share capital as at 30 September 2022 was £8.8 billion. Our shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange and we are a member of the FTSE 100 index.
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