Ayodhya Tourism Facilitation Center will boost revenue and job creation

In a game changer, the Uttar Pradesh government’s allocation of INR 130 crores to set up a Tourism Facilitation Center in Ayodhya is poised to trigger an extraordinary economic transformation in the tourism sector, especially in the eastern belt. According to a quick initial analysis by myATITHI.global – a vibrant community platform dedicated to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the hospitality, tourism and travel sector, the move is expected to generate hundreds of crores of government revenue and over a thousand direct jobs .

Lauding the visionary initiative of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, Gautam Mehra, Founder and Director, myATITHI.global passionately expressed, “The Tourism Facilitation Center goes beyond being just a structure; it is a gateway to brighter horizons, a beacon for dreams to come true and a pledge of economic empowerment for the countless small and individual enterprises that not only characterize Ayodhya but also reverberate across the vast canvas of the state of Uttar Pradesh.”

Gautam added, “With this transformative move, Ayodhya is poised to emerge as the new religious tourism capital of India, the flag bearer of faith, heritage and prosperity of our great nation.”

An unexpected economic downturn across the country: Initial projections indicate that the strategically located Tourism Facilitation Center will be a source of revenue for the state. It is estimated that the facility could potentially generate hundreds of crores of annual revenue, invigorating the economic landscape of Uttar Pradesh.

Job opportunities abound: Apart from impressive revenue projections, this forward-thinking initiative promises to open the doors to thousands of job opportunities. Both the formal and informal sectors are expected to benefit significantly, with potential job creation spanning a wide range of roles, from administrative positions to skilled artisans, hospitality staff and local traders.

The ratings point:

  • Official Jobs: Thousands of direct job positions including administrative, management and service roles.
  • Informal sector: Countless job opportunities for local artisans, traders and small businesses.
  • Annual economic boom: Preliminary estimates suggest that Ayodhya and surrounding areas may experience a significant annual economic boom.

Empowerment of Ayodhya: With its unique cultural and spiritual significance, Ayodhya is poised to be the primary beneficiary of this transformative project. The Tourism Facilitation Center, equipped with an office, arts and crafts center, food court, amphitheater, parking, dormitory and shopping complex, will serve as an economic lifeline for the city and its residents.

Contribution to the state treasury: As the Tourism Facilitation Center takes shape, the state’s revenue streams are expected to witness a significant surge. This economic boost will not only benefit local businesses, but also add to the state coffers, allowing the government to invest in essential public services and infrastructure.

The state of Uttar Pradesh stands on the threshold of a brighter, culturally enriched and economically empowered future. These milestones herald a new era of prosperity for the state and its residents.

Revenue generation: A tourism facilitation center in a famous place like Ayodhya can potentially generate significant annual revenue. However, the exact amount will depend on factors such as the number of tourists, their spending patterns and the success of the facility. It may, conservatively, contribute tens of crores of rupees annually to the state’s revenue.

Creating jobs: A project of this scale, involving administrative roles, support staff, artisans and service staff, could potentially create over a thousand formal jobs. Informal tourism-related jobs such as traders and small businesses could create several thousand more jobs. The multiplier effect will lead to investment in infrastructure and improved access to drive the tourism sector in the state.

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