Bandier Sr. delves into entertainment industry mental health in new podcast

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When Jordyn Tarez came to Syracuse as a freshman in the Bandier program, she had endless questions about the entertainment industry. Now, as he nears graduation, Tareaz poses many of these questions to industry insiders on his own podcast.

“It’s all coming back in bigger ways now that I’m going out into the real world,” Tareaz said. “How should I negotiate prices for my performances and advance my career while protecting my mental health and work-life balance? No one talks about it.”

As a self-proclaimed pop singer, songwriter, performer and producer, music has been a part of Tareaz’s life since she was young. At the age of 2, she learned to play the piano from her grandfather, who would sit her on his lap so she could reach the keys. At the age of 3, she was on stage performing in the musical Cinderella as the evil stepmother. And at 8, she wrote her first song, which she performed in an elementary school talent show.

In middle and high school, Tarez found her way into any musical, club or program that allowed her to sing. Now Tareaz’s podcast, “Let’s Talk with Jordyn Tareaz,” features guest interviews with industry and wellness professionals such as fashion photographer Carly Jean Sharp, choreographer Kayla Jansen and Mind in Motion CEO and founder Lee Weinraub. Tareaz also plans to release solo episodes in which he will discuss vulnerable topics such as impostor syndrome, anxiety and burnout.

Before launching the podcast, Tareaz leaned on mentors he met throughout his time at SU. She realized that the information they shared would be useful to anyone hoping to break into the entertainment industry. Her senior capstone project was the perfect opportunity for Tareaz to combine her passions for music and mental health with the connections she has with industry professionals.

Tareaz was already comfortable interviewing industry icons by hosting live virtual panels as a sophomore. She interviews celebrities like Charli XCX, Ali Tamposi, UPSAHL and Amy Allen about their journey to success. The feedback he received from the panels was overwhelmingly positive and sparked the idea to host a podcast focusing on the intersection of entertainment and mental health.

You hear millions of different opinions every day, and if you don’t have unwavering confidence in your vision, you won’t survive in this industry.

Jordyn Tarez, Bandier, Sr

“Because so many people don’t have industry connections, I wanted to take those raw and real conversations and put them out there for the world to hear,” Tareaz said.

She hopes each episode offers a sense of stability for people just starting out in the entertainment industry. Tareaz empathizes with the loneliness that is common in an industry that relies so heavily on relationships.

“The music industry has a lot of control, and unless you’re connected in the industry, it’s going to be hard to break through,” Tareaz said.

At a Bandier lecture, Rezak Tareaz announced that he was going to start a podcast and was looking for help. Amanda Long, a freshman in the Bandier program and an avid podcast listener, was immediately drawn to her idea.

Long quickly became the podcast’s producer, helping Tareaz brainstorm ideas, brainstorm marketing plans, reach out to potential guests or sponsors, and edit each episode. From the beginning, Long was drawn to how determined Tareaz was to take this podcast outside of the SU community.

“Tareaz’s passion and unique vision for where he wants this podcast to go is incredible,” said Long. “She is not afraid to go above and beyond in all aspects of the business.”

Likewise, Bill Verde, Bandier’s program director, thinks Tareaz has made an excellent choice in crossing mental health with entertainment in a podcast format. He sees Tareaz as someone who is bubbling with boundless energy and positivity that will attract listeners.

Tareaz is most excited to launch the first episode with Kayla Jansen, a choreographer, creative director and movement coach who has worked with celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Rita Ora and G-Eazy. In Wednesday’s podcast, Jansen talks about what it takes to survive in the industry and why artists should always trust their gut.

“As an artist, I constantly doubt myself. It resonated with me when Kayla talked about confidence being about trust,” Tarez said. “You hear millions of different opinions every day, and if you don’t have unwavering confidence in your vision, you won’t survive in this industry.”

When Tareaz reflects on her last five weeks at SU, she feels like she’s transformed into the artist she never thought she could be.

Prior to the first year, Tareaz had not released any music, never recorded in a studio or had a writing session. As a senior, she proudly shares that she started with Maude Lator and The Backfires, released two songs with Billboard mentions, and was featured on Spotify’s “One’s to Watch Now” playlist. She’s in the process of finishing her debut EP and, of course, launched Let’s Talk with Jordin Tareaz.

“These are all things that Jordin never thought were possible. I came to terms with what I want and I did it,” said Therese. “As a senior, I’m obviously stressed about the future, but I’m more confident in myself and my direction than ever.”


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