Bay Bridge Ventures Announces New Climate Technology Strategic Advisors

BERKELEY, CA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bay Bridge Ventures (“Bay Bridge” or the “Firm”), an ESG and sustainability-focused venture capital firm investing in scalable, profitable and impactful technology companies, today announced the appointment of three new climate-focused strategic advisors technologies :

  • Tom Baruch, Founder and Managing Director of Baruch Future Ventures, Honorary Partner at Formation 8 and Advisor to Breakthrough Energy Ventures

  • Carmichael Roberts, founder and managing partner of Material Impact and member of the investment committee at Breakthrough Energy Ventures

  • Prem Ramaswamy, head of Sidewalk Labs, Google’s sustainable cities division

Complementing Bay Bridge Ventures’ existing advisors, Mr. Baruch, Mr. Roberts and Mr. Ramaswamy bring decades of industry and operational experience, as well as a clear vision for the future of ESG and Climate Tech investing. The firm’s previously announced climate technology advisors include:

  • Barney Schäuble, Chairman of Nephila Climate and Chairman of the Board of Ceres

  • Daniel Glenn, Chief of Staff at GoodLeap

  • Wilson Chang, co-founder of Sunlight Financial

“We are thrilled to have such an impressive group of advisors supporting the long-term success of Bay Bridge Ventures and providing access to expert technical advice for our portfolio companies,” said Kim Colt, Bay Bridge General Partner. “Their commitment reinforces our vision to create an institutional ‘specialty’ firm that can generate tremendous venture capital returns for our seasoned investors through investments in startups using proven climate technologies and scalable business models.”

“The tools exist to solve major societal problems we face related to the limited resources of clean energy, air and water. It is the intention of thought leaders to commit capital to ‘entrepreneurial innovation’ that will purposefully transform science and technology into meaningful contributions,” said Mr. Baruch. “I am proud to partner with the Bay Bridge Ventures team and excited to mentor the mission-driven entrepreneurs in their portfolio who are focused on implementing solutions that will leave a lasting impact on the world for generations to come.”

With a proprietary “ESG+ Methodology” investment strategy and an industry-leading ESG and impact assessment framework, Bay Bridge invests in innovative entrepreneurs focused on climate technology, health innovation and inclusive capitalism.

Bay Bridge was founded by a diverse, world-class team of general partners with more than 50 years of investment experience at organizations including CalPERS, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse in addition to well-known venture capital firms. Leveraging their team’s proven investment experience, Bay Bridge Ventures focuses on generating the highest returns through investments in startups leveraging advances in core technologies such as AI & Big Data, Advanced Computing, Sensors & IoT, High-Bandwidth Connectivity , Energy Storage, Robotics and Synthetic Biology to support the growing demand for a sustainable supply chain, health innovation and access to education as well as financial services.

About Bay Bridge Ventures

Established in 2022, Bay Bridge Ventures is an ESG and sustainability-focused institutional venture capital firm, purpose-built from the ground up as a diversified owned and operated organization focused on supporting scalable, profitable and impactful businesses while providing transparency in its industry-leading impact reporting process. With a robust institutional strategy and investment criteria centered around fulfilling sophisticated ESG, DEI and sustainability investment mandates, Bay Bridge invests in businesses focused on climate technology, health innovation and inclusive capitalism. For more information, visit

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