Beaver Creek offers food, music and a place to gather

Beaver Creek Bar & Grill wants to be a place where people stop by and dine several times a week, where they can hear local musicians play, enjoy a drink at the bar, or stay at the table with friends long after the food is eaten.

The restaurant has been serving quick burgers, ribeye steaks, salmon — and the crowd favorite left over from its days at Joe’s Place, tiger chicken nachos — to the community since opening in October. Now they’re ramping up their live music, game nights and pop-up events.

The restaurant is a family business, and Jordan Beaver Shull, her father Barry Beaver, and longtime business partner Michael Shoup work together to run the place.

The name Beaver Creek is a nod to the family name, and the restaurant has a creek theme with a custom bar with a bright blue stripe like running water running down its length along with real creek rocks and more rocks mounted on the sides of the bar. The lights below highlight the water.

Barry Beaver said he spent 23 years running a local business, Servo South, and although he had no experience in the food industry, he felt his skills could easily transfer to new territory.

“I personally grew this business to 40 employees,” he said. “My philosophy is that the main thing in any business is that you have to give the customer what he wants. I have always been very customer oriented. Jordan came with me and she brings the same philosophy as Michael.”

He said the customer is the number one priority along with cleanliness, engaging with people and seeking feedback.

Beaver said Shoup called him one day and told him the former Lafayette Street Grill & Bar was for sale.

“You have to buy it and let me run it,” Beaver said Shoup told him.

Beaver said he called the owner on Lafayette Street and the two got together and reached an agreement to sell. That’s when Shull, who has a background in music and manages the restaurant’s social media, got on board.

Beaver Creek has been open for a few months, and Beaver said they are very pleased with the community and reception to the restaurant so far. The interior has been completely renovated and Beaver said the facade will be updated this summer.

Beaver said they want to create a place where people can afford to visit a few days a week, as well as enjoy a higher-quality rib eye steak or salmon on the weekends.

Shull said the trio worked hard to create a specific image, from the decor to the logo to the one-of-a-kind bar.

“We wanted something that was welcoming and inviting to the community,” she said. “We wanted to completely renovate this place and create something that people could be proud of.”

She began posting updates on Facebook about the renovations when work began around the first week of July until they opened in early October.

Shull said they used a local tradesman to create a beaver statue and had Maco Inc. to make a sign. Most of the repairs were done by Shope and Beaver.

Beaver said they replaced all the equipment and redid the tables and booths.

When Fatz closed in August, five or six of those employees were hired to work at Beaver Creek.

“We have quality employees and experienced chefs,” Beaver said.

Shull said there has been a lot of support from the community and they take all feedback – positive and negative – seriously with the intention of always improving.

“It was amazing,” Shoup said. “We try to respond to every comment. We want people to feel valued.”

He said he stops at the tables and chats with customers every day.

In addition to food, Shull said they want Beaver Creek to listen to local talent.

She said she teaches music at Cleveland Community College and that it’s important to incorporate and promote local musicians at the restaurant.

Shull said she and her husband were the first performers at Beaver Creek and have had live music Fridays and Saturdays ever since.

“We get a good crowd at the weekends with the music scene and we want to grow it even more,” she said. “Come hang out, drink cold beer and listen to amazing musicians.”

Find Beaver Creek Bar & Grill on Facebook for weekly specials, live music and game night announcements, pop-up events and menu details.

The restaurant is open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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