BTS Jimin’s Workout Routine: Peek into the K-Pop Star’s Fitness Secrets

The famous K-pop group known as ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan’ or ‘BTS’ has gained widespread attention and affection from their fans around the world.

Achieving the level of fitness and attractiveness displayed by the members of BTS, especially Jimin, requires considerable effort. This requires discipline, dedication and consistency, even amidst demanding work schedules. The overall fitness and agility evident in Jimin and his co-stars underscores their commitment to rigorous fitness and training programs. If you’re aiming to achieve a toned and toned body like Jimin’s, we’re here to guide you on your way.

Jimin makes sure to do cardio

No surprises here, as the BTS star has consistently impressed us with his jaw-dropping dance moves over the years. It’s widely acknowledged that BTS members satisfy their cardio needs through rigorous dance sessions lasting up to two hours. As reported by Kpop Starz, Jimin also incorporates cycling and running into his routine to meet his cardiovascular fitness requirements.

Participating in activities like biking, running, jogging, rowing, swimming, walking, hiking, and even routine tasks like cleaning and gardening can help improve your cardiovascular health.

Jimin does bodyweight exercises

Looking for a cost-effective and adaptable workout to improve overall fitness and strength? Look no further than bodyweight exercises. Whether you’re a beginner mastering basic movements like squats and push-ups or an advanced fitness enthusiast aiming for more challenging exercises, integrating bodyweight movements into your routine is essential. In Jimin’s case, the singer reportedly favors exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and wall pull-ups.

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Abdominal training is a must for Jimin

According to GQ, Jimin’s workout regimen (interesting facts about Jimin) for abs includes push-ups, jumping jacks, leg lifts, and push-ups. Participating in core workouts not only helps achieve those coveted six-pack abs, but also improves the ease and efficiency of your daily tasks. It is recommended that you incorporate abdominal training into your routine 2-3 times per week, allowing at least 48 hours of rest between sessions for proper recovery.

Having a strong core isn’t just about aesthetics; contributes to an overall athletic lifestyle by providing stability to your body. Abdominal muscles play a vital role in maintaining proper posture, support the spine, provide balance, stability and even aid in respiratory functions. This becomes especially important for people involved in demanding activities or sports, as a strong core strengthens your limbs, allowing you to hit harder, move faster or exert more force.

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Jimin’s Crossfit workout

CrossFit has been a transformative experience for Jimin, improving his dancing skills and instilling a sense of power. According to Koreaboo (via GQ ), Jimin highlighted the positive effects of CrossFit, stating, “I actually feel stronger. It also brought more stability to my dancing. Maybe it’s because of my increased core strength, but I’ve noticed that I have better balance now.

Designed to be a total body workout, CrossFit contributes to overall fitness. With elements of weightlifting, it promotes significant strength and muscle development. Additionally, incorporating cardio exercises such as running and cycling improves cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Given its high-intensity nature, CrossFit is effective at burning calories quickly, making it an ideal choice for weight loss.

Credits: Jimin Instagram

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