BTS’s tourism campaign in Seoul as an honorary ambassador reached 500 million views in 3 weeks

BTS V aka Kim Tae-hyung’s global campaign as an honorary tourism ambassador for Seoul Tourism recently reached 500 million views on YouTube, making ARMY proud. The campaign included long-form content, short YouTube videos, teaser videos and more. It garnered a total of 500 million views across all formats on YouTube within three weeks of its release, according to NEWSTREE.

In particular, on Stay the singer is making waves around the world as Seoul’s honorary tourism ambassador. He is the only ambassador to have an extensive global campaign dedicated to him.

All members of BTS have served as honorary tourism ambassadors for Seoul for seven consecutive years since 2017. For 2023, BTS’s V was the star of the Seoul tourism campaign.

News of the campaign’s success went viral on platforms like Twitter and fans expressed their joy at the same, calling the idol the “pride of Korea.”

‘Seoul’s Best Ambassador’ – Fans React As BTS V’s Seoul Tourism Campaign Collects Total 500 million views across all formats on YouTube

BTS’s V was enlisted to showcase the charm and beauty of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, through two separate campaigns that aimed to highlight the two aspects of the city. The campaigns are called – “New tradition” and “Nature in the city”.

“New Tradition” depicts the interesting and unique blend of retro and modern and tradition and modern. The other campaign “Nature in the city” showed the abundance of green spaces in the bustling and vibrant city. 10 videos were released in various formats featuring V. of BTS.

Promotional videos included long-form content, short YouTube videos, and teaser videos that garnered a total of over 10,000 comments and 500,000 likes.

Fans not only lavish praise on BTS’s V, but also express their desire to visit the beautiful sights in Seoul, all thanks to Stay recommendations of the singer. They took to the comment section of @naver_taehyung’s post and called the idol “Seoul’s best ambassador.”

To mark the success of the campaign, two notable promotional campaigns were launched – ‘Seoul Edition 23 Hashtag Event’ and ‘V Selfie Campaign’.

The ‘Seoul Edition 23′ hashtag event called for fans or interested tourists to upload posts with a certain hashtag recommending a certain place, location or landmark in Seoul, and tag Seoul Tourism and BTS’ V on social media.

The “Selfie with V” campaign involved ARMY or K-pop fans clicking a selfie with Slow dances singer every time he is spotted on a Seoul tourism billboard or outdoor advertisement. Fans were asked to upload the photos to their social media using the hashtag SelfiewithV. They were also asked to tag BTS member V in the posts.

BTS’ V release never-before-seen footage via Slow dances remix

Almost a month after the release of his debut solo album Stay and her romantic title track, Slow dances, V released two new remixes of his official solo debut track.

The first was with FRNK, which was accompanied by a music video featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and never-before-seen footage from the filming of Slow dances music video. It is important to note that these scenes are not present in the music video. FRNK’s remix adds an Afro-style beat to the track, making it a dance number.

The second track featured artist Cautious and was an audio-only remix. It was an instrumental remix and was created using flute, keyboard and drums.

In other news, BTS’s V flew to Paris on October 23rd for an overseas program, details of which will be revealed shortly.


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