Buick / GMC sellers celebrate 50 years in business

Farmington Hills dealership, Buick/GMC, has reached a milestone, celebrating 50 years in the automotive industry.

Bob Sellers, the original owner, opened the Pontiac Auto Show in 1972 in Redford. His father owned a Ford dealership in Detroit, located in Southfield and Grand River, and he grew up as a fan of the automobile industry. The oil embargo hit the country in 1973, and Sellers new-car dealerships faced their first commercial challenges—one of many.

He has continued to grow his business over the years through his personal style of managing with his clients and employees.

A lot has changed since 1972 when the dealership opened, from one of his first cars sold, the 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix, to the new electric vehicle being sold at dealerships in 2024, the GMC Hummer EV pickup and SUV.

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