Celebrities attend weddings with media deals, videos, sponsorships

New Delhi: Indian film, music and sports celebrities are actively capitalizing on their weddings through a diverse set of partnerships. While many celebrities get brands to sponsor outfits, jewelry or venues, actor Parineeti Chopra and playback singer Neha Kakkar have tied up with music labels to create special wedding songs. Separately, actors Nayanthara and Richa Chadha are working on making feature-length documentaries about their weddings.

Also, sharing exclusive wedding photos with the public has become a common practice. While the allure of letting the public participate in a celebrity’s life fuels such deals, industry experts said celebrities view these partnerships as a means of maintaining their relevance in the public eye.

Depending on the specific results, industry experts suggest that such deals could range from 1.5 crores to 10 crores. “Celebrities think they are popular faces and provide enough publicity for these events that are clearly not meant to be private. There can be content created around the wedding such as photos, videos or songs and it can even extend to a movie, music album or documentary. The advantage is that the cost of production, technically, is negligible,” said Saurabh Uboweja, managing partner at BOD (Brands of Desire) Consulting, a management consulting firm.

At the same time, key costs such as the venue or destination, photographers and videographers, clothing and jewelry often come at significant discounts or as part of barter deals where the company can publicize that it worked on the wedding on its social media.

Their strategy, inspired by Hollywood trends, revolves around securing exclusive rights to wedding content, leveraging fan curiosity and leveraging the event to drive engagement, website traffic and overall performance metrics, according to Mitesh Kothari, co-founder and chief creative director at digital agency White Rivers Media.

Celebrity weddings provide a variety of monetization opportunities, including broadcast and photo rights, exclusive interviews, merchandise and more, with prices varying widely depending on factors such as celebrity status and media demand, ranging from thousands to millions of dollars, Sushmita said. Sinha, Associate Director, Key Accounts at TheSmallBigIdea, a digital and social media marketing agency. These rates are subject to individual negotiation and market conditions, offering flexible and lucrative revenue options for celebrities.

“Various entities are strategically capitalizing on celebrity weddings, including media, TV networks, digital media, brands, event planners, security firms, merchandisers, venues, streaming platforms and NFT platforms. They use specific strategies to maximize their goals, such as exclusive coverage, personalized content, endorsements, privacy management, merchandising and more,” said Sinha.

Celebrity weddings have always been a big draw around the world and the trend is coming from Hollywood, media industry experts note.

“This is now institutionalized with media entities bidding for exclusive display and broadcast rights. The trend was to be followed in India where the entertainment industry is large and diverse. It is quite possible that India will throw up a lot more than photos and videos for sale. The two celebrities in question will have individual brand values ​​in the market, but as a couple their total brand value grows exponentially. This is borne out by celebrity couples appearing together in advertisements and endorsements,” said Nidha Luthra, executive director of advertising agency Thought Blurb Communications.

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