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“America’s #1 City Migration Is LA to Vegas”
According to a new report from Redfin, the #1 way households move is The angels to Las Vegasfollowed by Seattle to Phoenix, New York to Tampa and new York to Orlando.

“America’s Most Expensive Home Drops.” 55 million dollars
The new York a penthouse atop the Central Park Tower that was the most expensive listing in United States when it hits the market in 2022 250 million dollars is reduced to 195 million dollars.

Beginning of Michael Jordan: More than 10 years later”
Home of Chicagoland Michael Jordan first released on the market in 2012 29 million dollars. The 56,000-square-foot house with nine bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, an indoor tennis court and a playground is still for sale. The current price is $14.855 million.

“Moving to Florida? Mansion Global Says Check Out Pompano Beach”
I’m thinking of moving to South Florida? Mansion Global says Pompano Beach should be at the top of your list. Pompano Beach increases by one of of Florida the best beaches, the bluest ocean water, excellent fishing and oceanfront prices that are better than almost anywhere else in South Florida.

“America’s Most Energy Efficient States”
Based on a country-by-country study of home and car energy efficiency, Massachusetts is #1 followed by new York and Rhode Island. Florida came in at #18. South Carolina, Alabama and West Virginia finished at the bottom of the rankings.

of Al Capone Florida mansion destroyed”
In 1928 Miami Beach polite society was shaken by the news that the infamous gangster, Chicago crime boss Al Caponehad purchased a home on Palm Island for 40,000 dollars, one of the newest and most prestigious addresses in the city. This was the same home where Capone lived after being released from Alcatraz prison and where he died in 1947. The home was recently demolished.

“Brady Bunch Home Sold To Big Fan”
The The angels split-level house that was the TV home for “The Brady Bunch” since 1970 has sold for 3.2 million dollars to a super fan of the show.

“Billionaire Bunker mansion sets 68 million dollars recording”
With a long history of wealthy owners, including celebrities Carl Icahn, Tom Brady, Hulio Iglesias, Don Shula, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, South Florida Indian Creek sometimes called the “Billionaires’ Bunker”. Former hotelier, Tulia Susi by Gonzalez Gorrondona recently sold his 9,300-square-foot home in the Billionaires’ Bunker for one Indian Creek record price of 68 million dollars.

To Jackie Kennedy Childhood summer house sold”
The East Hampton home where Jackie Kennedy spent her summers as a child being sold for 52 million dollars. The eight-bedroom house on seven acres was built in 1917 and also includes a two-bedroom guest house and caretaker’s house.

“Rudy is listing a longtime home in New York 6.5 million dollars
Rudy Giuliani looking to move on. He has listed his long-standing new York home for 6.5 million dollars. Built in 1906, Rudy bought the three-bedroom co-op in 2002 for 4.8 million dollars. This is the same apartment that was raided by the FBI in 2021.

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