Celebrities who freely admit to being Bravo super fans

Nicki Minaj

Celebrities – sometimes they are just like us. They certainly live in million dollar homes and earn seven figure salaries for emoting on camera. Their lives are filled with fast cars and exciting social events, but they still watch reality TV.

It seems to have very little to do with a famous person, but for a passionate few we can relate. There are A-list celebrities, Oscar winners, and people we only see on the screens in front of us who are just as crazy about Bravo shows as we are.

Let’s take a look at a few famous names who would be shocked to see someone like him The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards personal. Yes, outside Teddy Mellencampthese people exist.

Julia Roberts / The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I think we can agree Julia Roberts is extremely famous. Star of Beautiful woman. Erin Brockovich won her an Oscar. To me she will forever be Shelby from Steel magnolias and I will exclaim, “Drink your juice Shelby!” for the rest of my life. Julia is also a Real hosts become Already in 2022. RHOBA star Garcelle Beauvais was in Washington, DC. Julia was also in the area and ran into Garcelle. According to people, they had a brief encounter where both were clearly smitten with the other. Julia told Garcelle that she wanted to find her a date. Garcell added that Julia said she “needed a moment” when Garcell appeared before her in the wild. Honestly, seeing Garcelle in person would probably leave most people speechless.

Nicki Minaj / The Real Housewives of Potomac

There are fans, super fans, and then there’s that Nicki Minaj. When you love a show so much that you actually make your way to a reunion set, you’ve gone beyond reasonable affection and into dangerous territory. In July 2021, Nikki surprised Real Housewives of the Potomac throw, appearing during the Season 6 reunion taping. He was grilling Giselle Bryant somehow Andy Cohen he had never even had a steak. She was discussing music with Candace Dillard, and held the cast accountable in its own special way. Nicki shared some photos from her big day on social media with the caption ‘Moment4Life’. I would like to know Nicky’s opinion To Juan Dixon roommate. Nikki would probably know exactly what Robin Dixon she thought when she wanted people to pay her to spill the beans on Juan’s scam. Please send Nikki back so we can get the answers we really need for this season.

Michelle Obama / The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Well, there are famous ones. And then there is the former First Lady of the United States. It must be tiring to accomplish so much in such a short time. Being a role model for so many people. Taking on a huge responsibility with class and grace. Completely outside the scope of Real hosts or any program featured on Bravo. that said Michelle Obama is a fan. Last year Jasmine brand reported that Michelle’s favorite holiday shows are RHOP and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. While she enjoys the crazy content, she can get by without physical fights. Michelle said, “Oh man, you know, I mean Potomac… I just don’t like it when sisters fight with each other, I just don’t like seeing that on TV.” I’m sorry, that’s all I can do, for not to try to imagine the First Lady screaming about the state of Chateau Chebrock from her bedroom in the White House.

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Elisabeth Moss / Literally everything

I like an equal opportunity TV viewer. Don’t bother me with a lover, just give me everything and make it hideous. You may know Elisabeth Moss from The Handmaid’s Tale. Maybe you were obsessed with her on Mad Men. You may have watched Elizabeth, but Elizabeth watched Bravo. And she’s been into it for a minute, as evidenced by her social media. In 2013, Elizabeth appeared on Watch What Happens Live alongside The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga. In 2015, she admitted to Andy, “I live for the Real Housewives reunions.” Hey, at least she’s not ashamed of it. Elizabeth can host reunions at this point, or at least fill in for Andy if he can’t come WWHL. She had a particular attachment to each franchise The Real Housewives of New York. I wonder if she is currently experiencing RONNIE detox. That’s the soldier with boots on the ground that we need to get in there and find out what’s going on with production. Elizabeth, if you’re reading this, you know what needs to be done.

Seth Rogan / Below Deck / Vanderpump Rules

by all accounts Seth Rogan is Below deck sensei. This person is gone from Freaks and geeks to a big movie star. Along the way he was sidetracked by the tempting lure of yachting. According to Seth, chartering a yacht for fun makes you a “scoundrel” or basically a “huge piece of trash.” Holy shit. Seth definitely has strong feelings about our marine programming. In an episode of WWHLhe said Andy“Because that’s the moral of every episode, [it’s] like, they try, dress like fucking idiots for these people and then nobody is happy enough. Welcome to Bravo, baby. There is also a promo that Seth shot for Vanderpump Rules. In 2015, the stars of the film The night before swallowed any chance of being taken seriously to film the opening credits of Pump Rules. You’ll see Avenger Anthony Mackie, Ilana Glazer and Jillian Bell in the clip. If you’ve never seen this before, stop what you’re doing. Give yourself a five minute break and watch this. Seth’s bonus moment with Jax Taylor. Please.


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