Celebrities who have practiced celibacy

Musicians Giuliani, Daddy Owen and Willie Paul.

It’s common for celebrities to be involved in sex scandals, but when they choose to practice celibacy, it raises eyebrows and many questions among their fans. Practicing celibacy has become a common trend among Kenyan celebrities. Some attribute the decision to terrible past relationships, but others do it for faith and religious reasons. Here are the ones that have currently opened on “dryspell”.

1. Giuliani: I was single before Lillian

Kenyan hip hop gospel artist Julius Owino popularly known as Giuliani has spoken out about practicing celibacy. Speaking during a recent interview, Giuliani revealed on Hot 96 FM that he abstained from sexual contact at the time he met Lilian Ngang’a. The two tied the knot earlier this year and have a son named Utheri.

2. Daddy Owen: Too busy for lungula

Gospel musician Dedi Owen revealed that he started his journey towards celibacy two years ago during a recent interview with host Ankali Ray on Milele FM. The singer, who seemed happy with the decision, claimed that he is busy with a lot of work and feels no pressure to give in to temptation. Owen and his wife have been divorced for over two years.

3. Comedian YY: I’ve been waiting for the right woman

Comedian Oliver Otieno aka YY also tried to practice celibacy. YY claims to be a virgin and waiting for the right woman. In a previous interview with Jalang’o, the famous comedian said, “I’m waiting until marriage because I believe good things take time. I’m a virgin. I’m ready to date but only if my partner waits too…. that’s why I’m single.”

YY is now in a committed relationship with his mother, with whom they have a child.

4. Coco Sobo: I wanted to work on myself

Television and radio host Dominic Ngori aka Koko Sobo has vowed not to have sex after breaking up with his girlfriend of seven years. Coco said she will abstain from sex for a year to concentrate on working on herself. He did not let his fans know if he had already broken the sex fast.

5. Betty Kialo: It’s hard

TV siren and businesswoman Betty also tried celibacy, but she didn’t like it. In a question-and-answer game, her younger sister Gloria Kialo asked her if she ever gets dry spells, to which Betty replied: “Dry magic ya pesa si sana… I’ve tried to be celibate, it’s hard.”

6. Justina Seokau: Focus is on taking care of my son

A gospel musician and Twendy Twendy hitmaker Justina Seokau said last month that she has come to terms with celibacy after divorcing her husband in 2013. In an interview with Consumator, Justina added that she remains celibate to concentrate on taking care of her son.

“I left my marriage with a child and decided to be celibate because I didn’t want to be tempted again and I have someone to take care of his responsibilities,” she said.

7. Robert Bourale: Sex is good for marriage

Motivational speaker Robert Burale speaks passionately about his journey to celibacy. The talk show host revealed he resorted to celibacy after his marriage broke up nine years ago. Speaking in an interview with Kalondu Musimi, he said he believes sex is an important factor in marriage.

8. Dr. Ofweneke: My neighbors thought I was gay

Comedian Dr. Offeneke has revealed on social media that poverty pushed him to practice celibacy. He avoided women as he tried to make ends meet and achieve his dream of becoming a top city lawyer and comedian. Dr. Ofweneke revealed that his neighbors thought he was gay because none of them saw him inviting women into their home.

9. Willie Paul: Nimechill

Gospel musician Willie Paul revealed that he is a virgin back in 2017. During a media tour in Tanzania, the gospel singer told Clouds TV that he is waiting for marriage to break his virginity. He said,

“Of course (I’m relaxed)..of course…I will..I’m not married. I’m just waiting. I am not married and I am not married and waiting to get married. If I get married, maybe,”

10. Cece Sagini: Yes, you can wait until marriage

Popular singer Cece Sagini, who is featured in Jimmy Gate’s song, was celibate with her husband Victor Peace before they got engaged. They attribute their decision to their faith as well as their experiences in previous relationships. During a past interview with Pulse, the duo urged the youngsters to remain celibate until marriage.

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