Celebs’ Beloved Custom Sweet Treats in 2023: Chocolate and More

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The stars sure know how to live a sweet life.

Many celebrities have eaten their favorite desserts over the years, whether they’re craving classic candies or craving best-selling baked goods.

So with Valentine’s Day 2023 approaching — and shipping deadlines fast approaching — we’ve rounded up a selection of the stars’ favorite sweet treats.

From Oprah’s crowd-pleasing Belgian waffles to the cookies Ryan Reynolds once gave wife Blake Lively, the nine star-approved Valentine’s Day sweets below are perfect for those who know the way to the heart is through the stomach.

And for extra shopping inspiration, check out our guide to the best (non-edible) Valentine’s Day gifts inspired by famous people.

A fake bottle of champagne filled with candy
Dylan’s Candy Bar

Make this winter the most dramatic (or at least dessert-filled) season yet with Dylan’s Candy Bar’s Bachelor themed collection. It includes everything from a bottle of “champagne” that won’t splash in your face – a bottle of Cheers to Falling in Love champagne ($25) – to a box of Fantasy Sweets ($28).

If you’re looking for snacks for your next viewing party, there are also three kits full of goodies to share: Rose Ceremony Sweets ($70), Cotton Candy Mocktail Party Kit ($40), and Here for the Sweetest Reasons ($59) — the latter of which even comes in a drawstring bachelor bag.

A box of truffles
Ferrero Rocher

Treat them like chocolate royalty, loved by “Princess Switch” star Vanessa Hudgens. The actress told Page Six Style in December that she loves getting Ferrero Rocher or Hershey’s Kisses, calling the candies “so good.”

In addition to this Valentine’s Day variety set ($9), the latest gold-wrapped truffles are also included in the Magnificent Roses Preserved with Ferrero Rocher set ($150) from 1-800 Flowers, which also sells a set of holiday food and flower baskets.

Milk Bar Cake
Milk bar

Celebrate your “Love Story” with a cake from the Taylor Swift-approved Milk Bar, which is taking Valentine’s Day orders through February 9. The “Lavender Haze” singer was given one of the brand’s famous birthday cakes by Karlie Kloss (who sold Karlie’s Kookies at Milk Bar) in 2016, and clearly made a memorable impression.

When Vogue asked Swift about the best birthday cake she ever had, she replied, “It was from Milk Bar. It was for my 25th birthday and it was so good that even Jay-Z raved about it.”

Box of Cravory Biscuits

Craving cookies? Go beyond the basics with this colorful set from Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022 list.

“Not just your average chocolate chip cookies (although they do have those!), this San Diego-based business offers fun flavors,” she writes in the review, adding that the best-selling mix ($40) of 18 cookies is “baked made to order and oh so soft, ensuring the lucky recipient gets the freshest treats possible.’

Belgian waffles gift box
Eastern Standard Provisions

If you’re still on the fence about what to get your special someone, Oprah also raved about this waffle brand’s Gourmet Liège Belgian Waffle Gift Box ($69)

“Belgian waffles are a crowd pleaser,” she wrote of the decadent surprise on her 2021 Favorite Things wish list.

Tony's Chocolonely bars
Tony’s Chocolonely/Amazon

Who better to get Valentine’s Day gift inspiration from than a rom-com star? Drew Barrymore called Toney’s Chocoloney “one of the [her] favorite chocolate companies on the planet” while choosing her chocolate bars for the “Drew’s Yellow Book” segment of her eponymous talk show last year.

Drew Barrymore chose the candy for her Drew Yellow Book recommendations.

A pile of Tony's candy

Drew Barrymore chose the candy for her “Drew Yellow Book”


The brand, which used to even put the star on its packaging, now offers gift-ready options, including a brightly colored Variety Pack ($24 for six blocks).

Bag of Smart Sweets Red Licorice Candy
Smart sweets

Looking for Kourtney Kardashian-approved gum that isn’t a vitamin? After she and Kim Kardashian disagreed on whether to serve traditional or healthier candy options at Penelope and North’s themed birthday party, the star’s website Poosh published a post about her top picks for treats.

This candy brand, which bills itself as having no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, made the list. Amazon deals include Sweet Fish ($32 for 12), Red Twists Licorice ($30 for 12) and Sourmelon Bites ($30).

Cookies from Levain Bakery
Levain Bakery

The key to Blake Lively’s heart may be these famous cookies. The Gossip Girl star once tweeted that her husband Ryan Reynolds gave her a gift shortly after his 2016 appearance on Conan that earned him “literal brownie points.”

“The ways I know @vancityreynolds got himself into huge trouble on @teamcoco tonight: Not only did he come home with my true love, @levain_bakery cookies, but he personally baked them for me and brought me a glass of milk S ICE,” she wrote at the time, according to Yahoo.

The cookie shop currently offers seven sweet flavors — and delivery for those who live near a location.

Valentine Themed Twix Bar Bag

If you’re looking for a more classic candy option, take a page out of Kendall Jenner’s book with a Twix bar. The star once shared favorite foods on her now-defunct app, according to Who What Wear’s The/Thirty, writing that candy will “forever and always do [her] list.’

But you’re unlikely to see her kissing (of the Hershey chocolate variety) this Valentine’s Day; when Khloé Kardashian called the treats “pretty epic” on a 2019 episode of Keeping Up, Jenner claimed she’d never tried them.

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