Cheap Trips for San Francisco Travelers in 2024

Living in the land of $15 salads and $12 glasses of house chardonnay, San Francisco residents know that traveling anywhere will be cheaper than staying at home.

But some trips seem especially affordable for Bay Area travelers in the new year: Consider camping under $100, airfare under $200, and cruises under $300.

The Standard has scoured the internet to compile this list of a dozen ideas for the coolest and cheapest places to visit in 2024.

The cheapest places to ski in the Rockies

Both United and Delta are offering weekday round-trip tickets from SFO to Salt Lake City in late January for just $128. Or ski Big Sky in Montana with a $138 round-trip flight to Bozeman, Alaska, or United from SFO.

The Grand Princess cruise ship makes its way past the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. | source: San Francisco Chronicle/Hearst Newspapers via Getty Images

The cheapest ways to sail

Ever wish you could climb aboard one of those skyscraper-sized ships docked at the Embarcadero? For just $248, you can take a three-night Princess cruise to Vancouver. In fact, a five-night cruise to San Diego and Ensenada costs just $339, while longer cruises to Mexico, Hawaii and destinations on the Trans-Panama Canal average well under $100 per night.

The cheapest islands for a winter escape

Want to trade rain for sunshine? In the early months of 2024, Bay Area travelers can fly on American Airlines from SFO to the eastern Caribbean island of Anguilla for $345 or to Grand Cayman for $368. And just $584 will get you to French Polynesia and back with the French discount airline, French Bee.

But flights to Hawaii are even cheaper! Both United and Alaska are showing round-trip fares from SFO in the $180 to $199 range to Honolulu, Lihue and Kona from January through March — with some deals valid in May.

The cheapest way to see Yosemite, Lassen and Joshua Tree

Planning a California road trip next year? It pays to plan ahead. Buy a national park pass and you’ll get access to any national park in all 50 states for just $80. An annual pass to all California state parks and beaches is $195 — or get just NorCal parks for $125.

The cheapest way to spring break in SoCal

Departing from San Francisco in March, budget travelers willing to sacrifice time for money can book a one-way FlixBus/Greyhound ticket to LA for $43 and to San Diego for $62.

The cheapest place to watch the solar eclipse

If you haven’t yet made plans to see the total solar eclipse crossing the eastern US on April 8, you can still fly to Dallas this weekend for $469 round trip — and even cheaper if you can stay longer.

Pyramids with grass and trees.
The Mayan ruins in Tikal National Park are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Guatemala. | source: Pictures of VW

The cheapest summer flights abroad

Checking June, July and August fares from all Bay Area airports, SFO has suggested the most affordable trips. The cheapest international flight from the Bay Area is $286 round trip from SFO to Guatemala City on Avianca. The Colombian carrier also lists $655 round-trip to Panama City, but it’s cheaper to go to Bogotá with United: In August, a round-trip ticket is just $364.

SFO travelers can also consider the following summer round-trip fares: $325 to Calgary with Delta/WestJet, $876 to Sydney with Fiji Airway/Quantas, and $720 to Tokyo with Japan’s new budget carrier ZIPAIR.

The cheapest offers for sports fans

With the Olympics in Paris, the European Football Championship in Germany and the EuroGames LGBTQ+ meeting in Vienna, sports fans are dying to get to Europe in the summer of 2024. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable return flights still available from SFO in July 2024 including fares like $702 to Barcelona on American, $779 to Copenhagen on British Airways and $876 to London or Paris on Air Transat.

The cheapest campsites near San Francisco

HipCamp compiles listings for tent, RV and glamping sites in public parks and private properties. A look at Bay Area weekend options in August 2024 includes a $50-a-night ranch in Livermore, an $85-a-night retreat in the Santa Cruz Redwoods, and a $40-a-night tent site in Calistoga.

Cheapest time to travel to India

Autumn is a wonderful season in Punjab. You can fly Air India from SFO to Amristar for just $605 round trip in September or October with one stop in New Delhi.

Two people are standing on a river for fishing.
Fly fishermen enjoy fall foliage in southern Maine. | source: Portland Press Herald

The cheapest flights to Fall Color

Head to Portland Maine from SFO in late September for $254 round trip on American or United. Or head to the green outside of Montreal with the Canadian city’s carrier, Air Transat, for $493 round trip.

The cheapest months for the Big Easy

Desperately looking for a dose of jazz? From July through November, Delta shows fares from $248 round-trip to New Orleans from SFO.

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