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Research shows that well-nourished children are healthier, more attentive and have better mental abilities than children who are malnourished. The findings also show that children served by the Child Food Program (CCFP) eat healthier meals than children who bring food from home. CCFP helps child care facilities implement “best practices” to ensure children have access to a variety of nutritious foods for healthy growth and to reduce the risk of obesity.

The CCFP and two related programs, the After School Meals Program and the Homeless Children’s Meals Program, are administered by the Bureau of Child Care Food Programs. The bureau reimburses participating organizations for nutritious meals and snacks provided to children in their care. Participating facilities include child care centers, family day care homes, recreation centers, after-school educational or enrichment programs, and domestic violence and homeless/refugee shelters. All three programs are funded by the US Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition.

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Information and Payment System (MIPS)

CCFP approved contractors can submit their claim and download CCFP forms and documents from access to MIPS. Additional information about using MIPS to file claims can be found at Claims instructions and information page.

Find a participating CCFP provider

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The following are lists of existing Child Care Food Program participants:

Become a child food program provider

To find out how your organization can participate in the Children’s Food Program, After School Meals Program or Homeless Children’s Meals Program, please visit the to become a food program provider for children.

General information about the program

Florida farm to preschool for care and education providers
Created by the Florida Departments of Health, Children and Families and Agriculture and Consumer Services, this guide brings the farm to preschool with quick tips for outdoor play, school gardens and locally grown foods.

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What can you do before the event happens?

  • CCFP contractors must have a written emergency preparedness plan that demonstrates how the organization will operate during an emergency and minimize disruption to CCFP services for children in care. Maintain this plan in your organization.
  • Make sure the contact information in MIPS is correct.
  • See the situations in the Cancellations section below.
  • Because communications systems may be down after a storm, take the time now to print a few blank waiver forms and keep them in different places for possible use later.
  • Plan menus using shelf-stable foods and purchase these items for emergency use.


If any of the following occur, please contact the CCFP Tallahassee office or submit a waiver as soon as possible.

  • It works but cannot meet the CCFP requirements for feeding mode.
  • Temporary relocation of children to another place.
  • Inability to submit claims by claim deadlines.
  • Inability to maintain normal records or computer systems ie. menus, counting meals, monitoring, etc.
  • Destruction of any CCFP records – and/or previous 3 years.
  • Care for children living in or evacuated from a designated disaster area.
  • Care for children living in households receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP) benefits.
  • It operates as an emergency shelter providing temporary housing.
  • Providing food to displaced children who, due to a disaster, are temporarily housed in places where they may not be able to provide food.
  • Make sure you have up-to-date contact information for all sites involved in your sponsorship.
  • Disruptions in the monitoring schedule that will cause the organization to be out of compliance must be reported by waiver.

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