Chris Eubank Jr expected to trigger Liam Smith return clause with Anfield in May, possible | Boxing news

Chris Eubank Jnr has given “every indication” he will activate a rematch clause against Liam Smith, with Anfield in May an option for a future second fight, BOXXER chief executive Ben Shalom says.

Smith stopped Eubank Jr with a vicious fourth-round knockout when the British rivals faced off on a crucial night for their respective careers at the Manchester Arena last month.

Eubank’s promotional team subsequently suggested they were considering filing a complaint with the British Boxing Board of Control as they claimed Smith had made elbow contact during the decisive flurry of punches that led to the first knockdown.

“We’re hearing all the indications that they’re going to go ahead,” Shalom said Sky Sports.

“We know Chris really wants to fight again. His pride is hurt, he definitely wants a rematch from what I hear, and ultimately Liam wants the biggest names and the biggest nights.

“He wants Golovkin. It’s in Eubank’s hands and we can’t look past that until time runs out and we expect him to want a rematch.

“I don’t see a better option for Eubank Jr. right now.”

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Ben Shalom shares his thoughts ahead of the clash in Liverpool later in the year on who could face Liam Smith.

Shalom noted that Eubank’s camp has two weeks to trigger the rematch clause.

“We will expect it officially in writing from Wasserman,” he added.

Anfield, the home of Smith’s favorite football club Liverpool, has been touted as a potential host stadium if the two agree a rematch.

“If we can make sure that the event takes place close enough to the last game of the season, which I think is on the weekend of [May] 21, then there is an opportunity,” Shalom said.

“If we were to get Anfield, it would be at the end of May.

Aside from Eubank, Smith has made no secret of his interest in a potential meeting with two-time middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin as he looks for the biggest fights possible in the later years of his career.

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Watch unseen footage of Smith’s sensational stoppage win over Eubank Jr in Manchester at the weekend

“For Liam, he wants to look at the Golovkins now,” added Shalom.

“[Kell Brook] it’s still a big name for Liam Smith. It feels like he’s dealt with Eubank.

“He wants three more fights [in his career]. He feels he’s in the best shape of his life, he feels he’s boxing better than ever, he really wants to take advantage of the shape he’s in.

“He wants to fight for a world title again. He’ll handle Eubank if he has to. Kell Brook, Golovkin, those are the names he wants.

“It’s the rematch between Golovkin, Brook and Eubank, I think those are the three obvious ones.”

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Eubank Jr says Smith landed ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ blow after suffering fourth-round loss to British rival in Manchester

Shalom, meanwhile, played down the threat of a possible appeal by Wasserman over the idea that Smith’s elbow played a role in his Eubank finish.

“Honestly, I think it’s ridiculous,” he said. “I think that comes more from his team. I think they are looking for excuses as to why it happened. Liam Smith’s combination, when you look back on it, was enough to knock anyone out.

“To use the elbow excuse, I think everyone can understand that. I hear they are going to go ahead with the British Boxing Board.

“From what I’m hearing, I think they’re going to appeal. And then it will be up to the Board. I don’t see success.’

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