Chris Evans’ new Netflix movie sets his worst Rotten Tomatoes streak in 13 years


  • Pain Hustlers is Chris Evans’ third crappy movie in a row, marking his worst streak since 2010.
  • The films in this series, incl Pain Hustlersare big-budget crime films made for streaming services.
  • Critics pointed out the stark look and weak scripts of these films, but Evans’ performances were praised.

Pain Hustlers is the latest big-budget streaming movie starring Chris Evans, but the film marks the actor’s worst Rotten Tomatoes streak in more than a decade. Evans became best known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing in 11 films as the character in some capacity, whether cameo or starring. As a result, he was one of the highest-grossing actors of 2010, with Evans also gaining significant critical acclaim outside of the MCU in hit films such as Out of the knives and Snowpiercer. However, in the time since Chris Evans left Marvel, his films have repeated a disappointing streak of reviews the likes of which the actor hasn’t seen since before he originally took on the mantle of Captain America.

Following Avengers: Endgame, which saw Steve Rogers hand over the shield, Evans has focused more on streaming-exclusive films than theatrical blockbusters. Evans now leads Pain Hustlers cast Netflix crime drama starring Emily Blunt and directed by Harry Potter David Yates of the franchise. Unfortunately, the film was panned by critics, sitting at a “rotten” 25% on Rotten Tomatoes prior to its Netflix debut. Even worse, it’s the lowest rating Evans’ films have received in nine years and continues the actor’s poor run, marking his worst cold streak since 2010.

Bad reviews of Pain Hustlers give Chris Evans 3 rotten movies in a row

Pain Hustlers marks the third “shithole” movie in a row starring Chris Evans. The actor hasn’t had so many crappy movies in a row since 2010. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ended his streak of six crappy movies. The first of the current series is in 2022 The gray manwhich holds 45% score and second is 2023 Spooky, which only has 26% on the review aggregator site. All three of these films have a lot in common; they’re all big-budget crime movies made for streaming services. As a result, the films share an overly polished sheen and digital veneer that suggests the impact of the scenes would translate better to the big screen.

Along with the films’ made-for-streaming look, critics noted the disappointing qualities of the films’ scripts. Furthermore, while Pain Hustlers is not as action-oriented as the other two films, all of which feature over-the-top sequences that have been criticized for being difficult to follow. However, Evans is not to blame for the failure or negative critical reception of these films, as he is one of the main sources of praise for each film. The actor who does it as the theatrically manic villain in the The gray man was among the Netflix film’s most redeeming qualities, and his chemistry with Ana de Armas in Spooky was the source of the AppleTV+ movie’s humor.

Pain Hustlers reiterates a harsh reality about Chris Evans’ post-MCU films

Amit Shah, Emily Blunt and Chris Evans in an office at Pain Hustlers

Unfortunately, Chris Evans’ post-MCU career hasn’t been as strong, and this reiterates the harsh reality that he may need the MCU for Rotten Tomatoes success. Almost all of Evans’ postEnd of the game films are criticized and the two exceptions also have asterisks next to them. The first of the two exceptions is Out of the knives, and although he has an instrumental role in the film, he is part of a much larger cast. The second of the two is A light yearand while it has a “fresh” 74% Rotten Tomatoes score, that’s still low for a Pixar film, with A light year also noticeably bombed at the 2022 box office.

It doesn’t look like Evans’ next film will end his cold streak either. Evans will star in the 2023 Christmas action film Red One along with Dwayne Johnson. Once again, the action has a huge budget and is made for Prime Video. Based on Evans’ three most recent big-budget streaming films, there’s little to suggest that Red OneThe release of will save his streak of disappointing reviews. However, Evans and Johnson have never shared the screen together and their charisma could make for great action-oriented chemistry. However Pain Hustlers is taken negatively, Chris Evans can still salvage his bad year with Red One.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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