Christmas movies are part of the season

The Christmas fever is over and now there is more time to relax. The days and nights will be cold for the foreseeable future, creating a great opportunity to settle in at home. This long holiday weekend is the perfect time to watch Christmas movies that we were too busy to watch before.

Some people don’t like Christmas movies at all. But most of us have at least a few that we enjoy. As for me, I love almost all holiday movies.

There are so many to choose from, it can be hard to pick a favorite. The collection includes childhood favorites like Rudolph to adult movies like Die Hard. It’s interesting to hear everyone’s favorites, as one person’s top pick is often different than another’s.

My brother’s favorites are some of the classics including “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “A Christmas Carol,” and “A Christmas Story.”

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My mom loves Hallmark Christmas movies. If she controls the remote, her TV is on Hallmark from November 1st until the new year.

My husband’s favorites still vary, with his top picks being “The Family Stone” and “The Preacher’s Wife” with Whitney Houston. He watches them both at least once every year.

When my kids were younger, their favorites were the original The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas. If I see any of these on TV, I get a flood of bittersweet memories, reminiscing about the years gone by.

When I was a kid during my college years, my favorite was Frosty the Snowman. When I became a parent, I couldn’t wait to start watching this classic with my kids.

It’s hard for me to pick my absolute favorite today because I like so many. But at the top of my list are A Christmas Story, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and Home Alone. Whenever one of these three movies is on TV, I will watch it.

But this year I discovered a new-to-me movie that might just become a favorite that I watch every Christmas. It came out a few years ago, but I had never heard of it before. It’s called “8-Bit Christmas.” The film opens in the present day with a daughter telling her father how much she wants a phone for Christmas. The film then flashes back to the 1980s as the father tells his daughter about Christmas that he wanted a Nintendo more than anything, and all the shenanigans that followed for him and his friends. For me, the movie is a delightful combination of A Christmas Story and The Sand.

The movie has so many great nods to the 80s. The boy’s sister wanted a cabbage patch doll, so he taps into this obsession. Tang and the game King of the Mountain on Snowy Hill are mentioned. Both things I hadn’t thought about in years. Listening to the radio to find out if your school has a snow day. A pack of baseball cards and the only gum that was included. But the gum was always so hard! Why?! Encyclopedia Britannica and the Dewey Decimal System. Again, I hadn’t thought about decades or the amount of work required to find a book. I explained both to my kids and of course they were speechless.

As I neared the end of writing this column, I asked my kids what their favorite holiday movie was. Amaya said her favorite was “Santa”. Max said his favorite was “8-Bit Christmas.” So, I guess that settles it, “8-Bit Christmas” will definitely be an annual watch for our family from this point forward.

Addie Ragland

Addie Ragland is a freelance writer who lives in Northwood with her husband, daughter and son.

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