Comfy Shoe Trend 2023: 15 Pairs of Boucle Shoes to Walk in Comfort

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A fun little fabric called cycle has taken the home decor world by storm. Woven from looped yarn, the boucle is soft and fluffy. And after hitting the interior design scene in 2019, it quickly became a fan favorite. The fluffy fabric has graced everything from trendy sofas to fluffy decorative pillows. And now, he’s making a line for our shoes – blessing us all with comfortable shoes.

Fuzzy shoes aren’t necessarily new. But boucle makes comfortable shoes better than most. Why? The fabric is durable and stain resistant, so it’s great for furniture and even better for shoes. And since it doesn’t absorb water well, it lasts even on rainy days. Also, cleaning bouclé shoes is easy: just dip a cloth in soapy water and clean the stains in an instant.

The only problem? Boucle shoes are not easy to find. In the world of shoes, the boucle has many names: Sherpa, artificial shepherd, fleeceand sometimes simple artificial leather. So when you search for “boucle shoes,” you might draw a blank—even if the store you’re browsing is full of fuzzy shoes.

The trick is knowing where and how to look. And since we’ve become experts in brochure terminology, we can save you a few hours of searching.

To hook you up with comfortable shoes without making you work for it, we’ve rounded up some of the best boucle shoes available. Our picks range from classics (like snug slides and fluffy slippers) to unexpected finds (like boucle pumps, fluffy heels, and comfy knee-high boots). And because the options abound, you can pick up a different pair of boucle shoes for every season.

Slip-on block heel lined with black leather and brown bouclé fabric

Reike Nen/Revolve.

Reike Nen Faux Leather Mules

A great pair of high heels is a must in every wardrobe. And these Reike Nen mules are some of the most comfortable heels you can buy. The shoes are made of leather, so they will withstand night walks. And since they’re bouclé-lined, they’ll add a cozy touch to any outfit you wear.

A solid knee-high boot lined with white bouclé fabric

Gia Borghini/Shopbop.

Gia Borghini Gia Boots

These chunky Gia Borghini boots are just as comfortable as they look. The flat boots aren’t just covered in bouclé – they’re also lined with felt. And they’ll soothe your feet from knees to toes.

A pair of pointy toe mules lined with white bouclé fabric


TOMS Jade Loafers

Many bouclé shoes just have a fuzzy look. But these TOMS loafers
are lined with bouclé inside and out. We especially love that the shoes are both fuzzy and elegant. Want a pair of cozy shoes that you can wear with buttons? Look no further.

A pair of mini boots lined with beige bouclé


Minnetonka Berkyn Boots

These Minnetonka shoes are a treat for your feet. The shoes are lined with bouclé on the outside and faux fur on the inside. And they’re padded with foam for a cloud-like feel. We also love that the boots come in three different colors, so it’s easy to find a pair that you can wear all the time.

A pair of white sneakers lined with bouclé fabric and designed with fuzzy shoelaces

Tory Burch/Shopbop.

Tory Burch Good Luck Trainers

These Tory Burch sneakers might be the most comfortable sneakers we’ve ever seen. The shoes are covered in bouclé and padded with foam – and even their laces are fuzzy. It’s hard to muster up the energy to work out on cold days, but these sneakers might just be worth it.

Pointed toe high heel knee high boots lined with white bouclé fabric

Stuart Weitzman/Nordstrom.

Stuart Weitzman Xcurve 85 Slouch Boots

Bouclé has never looked so glamorous as it does on these Stuart Weitzman boots. The knee-high boots are lined with bouclé from top to bottom. And they’ll be the perfect addition to your most dramatic winter coat.

A pair of fluffy slip-on sandals lined with brown bouclé fabric


Sherpa Slides stems

Boucle sandals may sound like an oxymoron. But these Stems slides are proof you need a pair in your closet. Boucle covered slippers are perfect for lounging around the house. But since they’re cushioned with rubber soles, you can definitely get away with wearing them elsewhere.

A pair of combat boots lined with off-white bouclé fabric


ROAM Combat Cush Boots

We didn’t realize how comfortable combat boots could be until we found these ROAM lace-up boots. The shoes are covered with bouclé and lined with fluffy material. And to top it all off, their pads are padded with plush memory foam.

Strappy shoe lined with off-white bouclé fabric

Camuto wins.

Vince Camuto Presnue Slingback Shoes

These Vince Camuto pants
are about to become your favorite apartments. The pointy-toe shoes combine a fuzzy boucle exterior with a cozy boucle interior, making them one of the softest shoes on our list. And we love that they come in three easy-to-wear colors.

A pair of platform clogs lined with brown bouclé fabric

Simon Miller/Shopbop.

Simon Miller F189 Platform Bubble Clogs

These Simon Miller clogs know how to make a statement. The platform shoes are lined with bouclé inside and out, so they feel very much like fluffy slippers. But thanks to their rubber soles and padded heels, modern clogs are sturdy enough to wear anywhere.

White leather sneaker lined with blue bouclé spirals


Soludos Psychedelic Spiral Ibiza Platform Sneakers

Bouclé sneakers are pretty hard to find – so we lost them when we found these Soludos platforms. The sneak statements are dressed in blue bouclé swirls. And they’re sure to turn any casual outfit into a captivating ensemble.

Slip-on shoe lined with quilted brown bouclé fabric


Teva ReEmber Padded Flat Shoes

These Teva slippers are perfect if you want to wear comfortable slippers outside. The shoes are cushioned with plush foam and covered with quilted bouclé. And because they’re designed with rubber soles and a water-repellent finish, they’re great for all-weather wear.

A pair of pointed toe pumps lined with white bouclé fabric

Tory Burch.

Tory Burch Bouclé pumps

Looking for bouclé shoes you can wear to work? Tory Burch has you covered. These elegant shoes are lined with fluffy boucle and finished with shiny black heels that add the perfect dose of contrast.

A pair of fluffy slippers lined with brown bouclé fabric


Penelope Chilvers Peaseblossom fleece slippers

These Penelope Chilvers slippers are the shoes we could spend all day in. The shoes are boucle lined inside and out so they are a dream to slip your feet into. And since they come equipped with rubber soles, you can get away with wearing them outside the house.

Platform slide lined with white bouclé fabric


ROAM Fuzzy Platform Skates

These ROAM platform slides are one of our favorite bouclé shoes. The actual slides are padded with fluffy bouclé and padded with plush memory foam. And their cushioned footbeds contour to your feet to keep you extra comfortable.

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