Creek jams, ATVs on roads and tree assistance

MILLERBURG − Council heard an update on the Killbuck Creek cleanup, a call to revise the village’s no-vehicles ordinance on public roads and a public thank you from a resident whose diseased tree was removed over the summer.

Karen Gowter of the Holmes Soil & Water Conservational District (HSWCD) said a blockage in the creek behind the Walmart on South Washington Street was cleared in late 2021, thanks to funding from the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) through their removal program of debris.

Several inspections of the site have been made since the cleanup, and Gotter reports that there is no new debris.

“Work to eliminate congestion and debris hazards between Millersburg and Killbuck was scheduled for summer 2022,” Gotter said. “After the dereche (in June) it was determined that the upstream section needed to be monitored and assessed first to see if debris from that section was likely to move south and undo the gains made by clearing the southern section .”

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