Critics bring in the receipts for Trump’s new Sidney Powell claim

Donald Trump suddenly claimed that Sidney Powell was never his lawyer, but reporters and social media users were quick to refresh his memory.

The former president posted on Truth Social Sunday morning that the attorney who refused the election “Was NOT MY LAWYER AND NEVER HAS BEEN.”

The post followed Thursday’s news that Powell had reached a deal with Fulton County prosecutors handling the Georgia racketeering case against Trump and 17 others for allegedly conspiring to alter the state’s 2020 election results.

Powell pleaded guilty to six felony counts of willful election interference.

In exchange for cooperating with prosecutors, Powell must serve six years of probation, pay a $6,000 fine and write an apology to Georgia residents.

On X (formerly Twitter), people immediately pointed to someone who contradicted Trump’s latest version of events: Trump in 2020.

Trump announced in a tweet on November 15, 2020, that Powell had joined his “really great” legal team, weeks after losing the election to President Joe Biden, as Aaron Blake of the Washington Post noted.

Trump’s former personal attorney who filed the lawsuit to annul the 2020 results also made comments specifically to the contrary.

In an infamous press conference on November 19, 2020, Giuliani introduced himself, Powell and others as members of Trump’s legal team, saying, “We represent President Trump and we represent the Trump campaign.”

Powell testified under oath before a House committee on Jan. 6 that Trump asked her to be a “special counsel to deal with election issues.”

A video of that moment in her testimony was shown at one of the panel’s congressional hearings last year.

Some people, including HuffPost’s SV Dáte, also noted that if Trump claims Powell was never his lawyer, that means he was never entitled to attorney-client privilege — a quip that prosecutors may find useful.

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