Cyprus is rising in the world arena of sports tourism

Cyprus is fast emerging as a key player in sports tourism, using its favorable weather and strategic location to host major events such as L’Étape of the Tour de France, significantly boosting local tourism.

Sports tourism in Cyprus is experiencing rapid growth, positioning itself as a key sector within the tourism industry. This growth is fueled by various factors, including Cyprus’ favorable climatic conditions, its ability to host major sporting events and its strategic location offering easy access from different parts of the world.

One of the notable events that contributed to this surge was The Cyprus stage of the Tour de France. This event, part of the global L’Étape Series of the Tour de France, attracts a significant number of participants. For example, the 2023 event attracted over 500 international arrivals, contributing to approximately 2,100 hotel nights in the Paphos and Limassol regions. The event features two races, ‘The Race’ and ‘The Ride’, featuring challenging courses that offer athletes a taste of the Tour de France. The top performers in these races even get the chance to compete in L’Étape du Tour, which takes place during the Tour de France.

The Government of Cyprus actively promotes sports tourism through various initiatives. For example, they have reduced VAT rates for services in the tourism sector for accommodation and catering and are increasing resources for air and sea connectivity, which in turn supports events such as L’Étape Cyprus by Tour de France. The Deputy Ministry of Tourism is a strong supporter of such events, recognizing their importance in improving the tourism sector of Cyprus.

Commenting on the current interest in sports tourism in general in our country, the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Kostas Koumisreferred to the economic benefits that arise, noting its importance in extending the tourist season. “Empirically, I would say that this also creates significant benefits, as it is known that a significant percentage of athletes who come to our country, either to participate in sporting events or to train, return to our country as tourists,” said Kumis, pointing out that from the first moment he assumed his duties, emphasis was placed on this specific form of tourism.

“From the very first moment of assuming my duties, I had mentioned that sports tourism is a form that deserves more importance and visibility. Therefore, as a deputy ministry, we are making a concerted effort with incentive plans and continuous encouragement for even better results,” he said specifically, revealing that in 2024, a historic cycling event is returning to our country, while efforts are being made to bring back an international cycling event as well.

In addition, Cyprus has a variety of tourism offerings that extend beyond sports. The island is known for its ideal weather, with 340 days of sunshine, pristine blue flag beaches and unique archaeological sites. Cyprus is also a popular winter training destination for international sports groups and athletes, offering facilities for a variety of sporting events ranging from cycling to sailing. The government is drawing up new incentive schemes to attract more events, teams and athletes to the island, showing a strong commitment to further develop this sector.

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