Daniel Hollis of Spalding Slimming World was a heavy snorer who lost weight

A loud snorer who kept his wife awake has swapped takeout for fake food to lose weight and get a good night’s sleep.

Daniel Hollis, 41, from Spalding, weighed in at Slimming World at 21 stone 7lb in April this year and the good news is that he and his wife Nikita are sleeping much better.

Following the weight loss program he managed to lose 4 stone 2.5lbs and is aiming to lose more – and lead a more relaxed life.

Daniel Hollis, from Spalding, has lost more than four stone

Mr Hollis said: “The final straw that got me on board with Slimming World was the fact that I was keeping my wife up at night due to loud snoring and I started to notice that my breathing was affected during the day.

“I was short of breath at work and when I was playing with my son in the garden.


“I went to the doctor who suggested that losing weight would help many of my conditions.”

Daniel Hollis was snoring loudly due to his weight problems and is now sleeping soundly – good news for wife Nikita

Mr Hollis’ wife first attended the weight loss group for about a month and saw amazing results – which encouraged him to join.

He said: “We always eat the same foods at home so it only made sense that I would join.

“We went to Charlotte’s weight loss group in Spalding together and I was amazed at the amount of food I could eat without having to make many changes.

“I lost 7.5lbs in the first week and over a stone in the first month.”

The couple adapted their favorite recipes, replacing them with low-calorie meal plans that the group offers.

Mr Hollis said: “We could enjoy our favorite pasta dishes and homemade fakes – knowing I would be seeing the numbers go down on the scales every week.


“I enjoy Slimming World Crispy Shredded Beef as part of the mock dinners we do on the weekends.”

The slimming superstar is also a keen home baker, whipping up cakes and pastries to ‘satisfy a sweet tooth – and sharing them at group tasting sessions.

He said: “We did Scotch eggs in the summer and our own breaded chicken strips.

“They also weathered a storm.

“We also cook recipes from Slimming World magazines, such as pasta and meatballs, which the whole family enjoys eating together.”

The program helps the couple plan their meals each week, and he added: “We know what we’re going to eat, which really helps keep us on track when I’m working shifts.

“The Slimming World ready meals are a great lifeline when time is tight.”

His journey has not been plain sailing with some ups and downs along the way.

He said: “There are days I’ve struggled not to let bad habits backfire on bad days, but even if the rocks have gone up for a week, it makes me want to push harder to achieve more during the next week.

“I used to get leg pain if I walked fast or for long periods, but now I’ve joined the gym, which I never had the confidence to do before, as well as doing on the couch up to 5k.”

The change in appearance and energy levels has made a noticeable difference in his quality of life.

He said: “My friends noticed a huge change in my health and fitness during our annual trip to Mt Snowdon.

“Last year I was the slowest and I was struggling to catch my breath and keep going.

“This year I was the fastest to the top and even ran some parts of the course.”

The diet plan means the couple don’t feel like they’re missing out on food or drink they like, and he said: “I still enjoyed a drink while we were away at the weekend, but now I know how to prepare the right food and drink choices for to support my weight loss journey and not miss out on the fun with friends and family.”

The weight loss plan is now helping Mr Hollis sleep better – which is a bonus for Nikita.

He said: “Over the last six months I have noticed that I am sleeping much better, my breathing is no longer a problem and I have much more energy when I play with my children.

“Having my wife with me on my weight loss journey has really helped. Her support and encouragement was a great motivation.

The couple’s weight loss journey has been a collaborative effort and group support and encouragement from their consultant has also helped.

Mr Hollis said: “We talk about the foods we plan to eat, share recipes and ideas and support each other to keep going even when you’ve had a crappy week.

“Charlotte, the consultant, is also a great support.

“She’s always positive and makes you think about how far you’ve come so you don’t let failure become a mountain.”

Slimming World consultant Charlotte said: “I’m really proud of Daniel because he always finds time to go to the group, even when he’s on his tea break at work.

“He is a great inspiration and support to the group, with lots of great recipes and food ideas for anyone who wants to try something new.

“And I can confirm that his Slimming World Chocolate brownies are delicious.”

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