Danville School Board Signs New Courses: Adult Living, Culinary Arts 2, Baking, Public Speaking, Ancient Civilization | News

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If at least 22 Danville High students sign up for them, five new courses will be added to the curriculum offerings next school year after receiving the board’s blessing at this week’s meeting.

Expect in 2023-24 with course descriptions:

— Culinary Arts 2: Expanding on an existing offering (Culinary Arts 1), the course will emphasize “meal planning and more advanced cooking/preparation skills and careers in the food service industry. Students will also have the opportunity to earn the ServSafe Food Handler Certificate.”

— Adult life: The goal “is to help prepare students to be successful members of society. Students will learn essential skills such as: self-discovery, family basics, finances, career planning, cooking and much more through classroom and community learning opportunities.”

— Baking: “Together we’ll explore everything there is to love about baking.” From measuring, decorating and cake competitions we will learn how baking and cooking have separate skills. If you have a sweet tooth, this class is perfect for you!”

— Ancient Civilization: A one-semester survey of the history of the world before the fall of the Roman Empire.” This course will analyze technological, political, artistic, militaristic, and procedural analyzes to prepare all students with historical empathy, compassion, and the appreciation that we are not so different from those who came hundreds of thousands of years before us.

— Judicial speech: “Students will learn ‘how to use their voice and body in formal and informal situations’ and ‘make presentations in several categories, including formal and informal prepared speeches, oral and dramatic interpretation of drama, literature and poetry, and impromptu speeches . “

In the event that any of the courses do not meet the minimum requirements for a student, district director of curriculum MaryEllen Bunton told board members that there has been discussion about moving the classes to the summer time.

All were positive at this week’s school board meeting, where members also approved:

— Acceptance of the administration’s recommendation to waive student registration fees in 2023-24, as was done in the three previous school years, “to help our families during these times of pandemic,” said Asst. manager Elizabeth Jacobi.

— Replacing 800 Chromebooks, 175 laptops and 155 desktop computers, all between four and five years old, to ensure students and staff are using reliable technology, said district IT director Annette Hummel. Total cost at Chicago-based itSavvy: $649,558.78.

— Continuation of the Grow Your Own program launched in the 2021-22 school year to assist Danville graduates in their pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in education in exchange for their commitment to return to the district to work for five years as teachers, social workers, school counselors, school psychologists and bilingual educators.

The agreement, which calls for students to be paid $323 per credit hour, will now apply to members of Danville High’s classes of 2020 and 2021, 13 of whom have expressed interest in participating.

— Adding four positions to the understaffed special education department: board-certified behavioral interventionist, registered behavior technician, certified occupational therapy assistant and special education coordinator.

— Replacing four existing courses with three: Honors Pre-calculus with AP Pre-calculus, allowing students to earn college credit; and Advanced Composition, Senior Speech, and Minority Literature with Semester Senior English 12.1 and 12.2.

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