Delta will spotlight and elevate six emerging artists in Miami during Art Week

Delta heads to Miami’s hot art scene and brings six up-and-coming artists with it.

Miami’s rich culture and vibrant lifestyle will set the stage for talented artists from around the world to showcase and celebrate their work during the first week of December. Connecting people to their places, passions and their own potential, Delta has partnered with six artists with deep ties to Miami to bring their art to life and elevate their work against one of the art world’s most sought after and exclusive events.

“Delta is embracing Miami’s art world, and there’s no better way to connect with this city than with our talented artist partners who work in this community and call it home,” said Delta Chief Marketing Officer Alicia Tillman. “It’s a privilege to showcase the work of these artists alongside our brand in a dynamic and vibrant environment like Miami and continue our efforts to uplift and elevate partners with a unique perspective.”

Together with UTA Fine Arts Creative Director Arthur Lewis, Delta will host events both in the air and on the ground, starting with an immersive charter flight and ending with a special outdoor gallery event to close out the week.

“As we embark on this artistic journey celebrating six Miami-based artists, we will elevate creativity to new heights through our custom-built aerial gallery and on-site exhibition that reflects the confluence of imagination and innovation, reshaping the art experience,” said Lewis . “Delta’s dedication to elevating local narratives resonates with the vibrancy of Miami, and I’m honored to host this convergence where art transcends borders and takes flight.”

On Wednesday, December 6, Delta will fly to Miami on its invitation-only art-themed charter departing from JFK. The flight will carry members of Delta’s artistic collective, along with creatives, journalists, curators and more. The plane will be transformed into an immersive art gallery in the sky, projecting artwork from each artist onto overhead bins during flight, creating a new canvas for their works to be seen – this time 30,000 feet in the air.

Once in Miami, Delta will celebrate these artists again in an outdoor gallery displaying their work. The gallery will feature works by each artist created from decommissioned aircraft parts and reimagined through their unique artistic lens. It will be unveiled on Saturday, December 9th at 1111 Lincoln Road and will be open to the public from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Set in an open space overlooking the city, the event will draw inspiration from a variety of touchpoints associated with the brand, including Delta’s aircraft, the spirit of the open skies and our sustainable Keep Climbing philosophy.


Art poster for Miami-born illustrator Derek Abella

Derek Abella


Born in Miami and now based in New York, Derek Abella is an illustrator who draws on his Cuban-American and queer backgrounds to create dreamlike representations of a variety of topics ranging from technology to politics to relationships between people, their environment , their memories and each other.

Art poster for Eliot and Eric Jimenez, first generation Cuban-American twin photographers

Elliot and Eric Jimenez


Elliott and Eric Jimenez are first generation Cuban Americans and identical twins born and raised in Miami to Cuban immigrants who now live and work between Miami and New York. Their photographic practice began with an early passion for art history and influences stemming from a theological upbringing. Inspired by paintings, their work depicts the ephemeral nature of light and color through the movement and composition of their subjects, usually rendering them like a painting.

Art poster for Miami-based artist and designer Emmett Moore

Emmett Moore


Emmett Moore is a Miami-based artist and designer known for a technically rigorous interdisciplinary approach that challenges notions of functionality and seamlessly veers between design and art, exploring our relationship with the built environment. Moore’s work uses processes taken primarily from architecture and industrial design, working with exposed forms of everyday objects to speak to the universality and timelessness of the utilitarian and everyday.

Art poster for artist and director Gillian Mayer

Gillian Mayer


Gillian Mayer is an artist and director. Through videos, sculptures, online experiences, photography, performance and installations, Meyer explores how technology affects our lives, bodies and identities, processing how our physical world and bodies are affected and reformatted by our participation in different landscapes. Meyer explores the points of tension between our online and physical worlds and makes work that attempts to inhabit the increasingly permeable border between the two.

Poster art for Olivia Pedigo, a 23-year-old Miami native who is a 3D artist, animator, and graphic designer.

Olivia Pedigo


Olivia Pedigo, a 23-year-old native of Miami, is a 3D artist, animator, and graphic designer. Over the past four years, Olivia’s work has evolved to reflect a dreamscape where comfort and isolation intersect, particularly in her ‘bedroom pieces’. These scenes, devoid of human presence but full of character, explore the relationship between individuals and their possessions, with an emphasis on technology.


Starting later this month, Miami residents and visitors can glimpse the work of our artists in several out-of-home locations, including hand-painted murals and digital displays throughout the city.

Delta SkyMiles, American Express and Resy will also be in Miami with Untitled Art at The Resy Lounge – their exclusive beachfront lounge featuring curated bites and a special bar program from world-renowned chef Stephanie Izard.

Additionally, in partnership with global fashion and lifestyle media brand Highsnobiety, Delta will host a dinner for small business owners to highlight its new SkyMiles for Business loyalty program, spotlighting veteran designer Hari Nuriev of Crosby Studios.


Aiming to support and elevate emerging talent on a global stage, Delta’s Miami activation will build on last year’s “Runway Runway” event during LA Fashion Week. This event – ​​launched in partnership with multi-hyphenate artist Issa Rae – highlighted six small business owners and fashion designers through a collaborative fashion show and product showcase. With exposure to the show, many of these designers have expanded their platforms, gained access to new audiences, and sold out the special collections they presented at the show.

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Delta is now shifting its efforts from the West Coast to South Beach to continue supporting emerging talent and connecting their work to a wider audience – this time in the art world.


Delta offers more than 80 daily flights from South Florida’s three major airports (MIA, FLL, PBI) to 15 cities. From Miami, Delta offers more than 30 daily flights to 11 destinations in the US and 13 more cities worldwide through its partnerships with Aeromexico, Air France/KLM, LATAM Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. With more than 75 years of service from Miami, Delta and its people give back through various organizations in the South Florida community.

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